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Proton Iriz 5000km service


it's time for the proton iriz next service. 5000km that is.

here's some information on the items and costs.

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Proton Iriz first service (1000km)

my first car was a proton. proton wira. damn good car that is. accident a couple of times, but nothing major though. sold that car and upgraded to a conti.

anyways, one day i was thinking of getting a second car. just for going to work or jalan-jalan around town. walk into a proton showroom and after looking around, sign the booking form for proton iriz. initially i want to buy proton persona but after sitting in, test here and there, i settled for iriz.

long story short, it was time for 1000km first service. search around the internet for some information but cannot find jack shit. i have some spare time and so i post this small information for any iriz owners out there who were wondering about the item and costs for the service.

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I am coffee


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Hello 2015


still here, updating life.

happy 2015 btw

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