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mario forever

oh, i still remember those 8-bit days. nintendo entertainment system (nes), atari, etc. games like duck shooting, motocross, goonies, pac man and of course, the super mario. i still have those nes catridges. i might sell them on ebay or just keep it for history sake. anywhoo, i really like those mario games. from version 1 to 3. mario, luigi, princess, dragon, etc. eventhough the market is now full with ps2 or xbox, i’m thinking of getting one of those 8-bit systems just for archiving purposes. probably sungei wang got those things.

while wasting my time surfing the internet, hoping to stumble upon free porn or mp3, i found this super mario game that is free to download. don’t want to turn down free offer, i download and installed it. after playing it for about an hour, i must say, the developers have done a good job recreating the world. although not the same as the original, it’s still fun nonetheless.

edit: somebody been asking me for the mario file. naturally i will tell them to go to hell but i’m a changed man (for this week). so here you are.

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no joke

ya, ok. i get it no joke.

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hose notice

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when installing a software, do you read the eula (end user license agreement)?

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fun vids

bored? here are some fun videos for you. please read the faq at the website first if you don't know how to get the file. don't asked me how to do it. the site requires you to wait a couple of seconds (see the indicator) before downloading.

» a really cute cat.

» a horny cat.

» a funny nokia ad.

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get wet

someday, i found this book. it belongs to my friend.

click for high res

i think the title is a bit corny. what do you think?

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damn it

yeah, finally. after 3 days of hiatus, this damn site is back online. i've lost half of my visitors now (probably 5 person). what with the blackout? my damn webhost provider send an e-mail one day, telling me that their server suffers from hardware failure. it's the hard disk, having some wiring problem. yes, fuck you very much. probably they haven't heard of the word 'backup server'. so, the three days, they're salvaging and doing recovery stuff from the old hard disk thus causing my website along with the other hostee to go offline. i actually have some story to tell but with the offline and all, i already forgot the story. sorry lah, i'll write it later when i remembered it.

» elevator hack.

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healthy shit

are you healthy enough? don't know? so, check your shit.

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maxis 3g ad

seen this ad? you can view the advertisement here but it is just a trailer/preview. expect the full version later.

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nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu sekejap. alkisah, tadi aku tengah tunggu kelas aku pukul 2:30pm kat rumah. tnb ntah buat apa, warning tak, apa pun tak tiba-tiba black outkan area taman rumah aku dari pagi tadi. dah le aku tengah taip assignment masa black out tu. kalau selalu camni, jahanam aaa pc aku bodo. sebab panas takde kipas, aku pun baring-baring la kejap. bila aku bangun aje dah pukul 5:30pm. aduh, terlepas kelas aku hari ni. ada tutorial pulak tu. jadi, aku salahkan tnb sebab aku terskip class hari ni. demit youse tnb!...ha ha ha :w

» grandma gamer.

» outdoor cooling system.

» google moon.

» aim fight.

» howto remove virus & spyware.

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if you came here and don't see the tombstone image with my name on it anymore, then i would like to welcome you to my brand new hosting. it's bigger and i hope it is better. i also decided to scrap my old and first domain name that is "" and changed it to "". all my hosting and subdomain will also be changed to the new domain. the domain will expire on november 12th, 2005 so please update your bookmarks and to all my hostee, sorry for the trouble and please change your settings or anything that related to the url.

» optimus prime.

» honda acura.

» 40 things that only happen in movies.

» 12 hottest female guitarist.

» nico shot.

» gangsta gadget.

» toyota mr2 powered with turbine jet.

» optimus keyboard.

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