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crimson room

tough enough? think you're smart? try crimson room and solve the riddle to escape the room. after you finished with that, continue to the next level. oh and just for the record, i already completed both room (he he he). no googling your answers ok? that's cheating.

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sad. the fan that i'm using to cool something has broken. i was not careful enough and dropped the fan while it is still revolving. lucky the shards were not flying. anywhoo, at a pc fair before this, i bought a bunch of cpu fan like this. so, no worries. instant replacement. ha ha ha...

» create your own tombstone.

» virtual mannequin.

» nerd clocks.

» top ten downloads of the past 10 years.

» 1990's websites.

» very stange sims.

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went to airport last night to pick up my sister. she bought me a spongebob squarepants boxer while on vacation. maybe i'll pick up more chicks after wearing this. ha ha ha. next day, a trip to nec service centre at menara ta, and now my notebook is finally fixed. it's running as usual (check out the chronicles here). ah...lovely. to try this thing out, i ate at burger king, klcc while surfing the internet using wifi. cool huh? or maybe i'm just lame. sometimes, i feel a little depressed. maybe i should take the drug ritalin that tom cruise been talking about. ha ha ha. okay, i'm tired and it's raining. so, later...

» photomosaic image.

» 5 easy ways to have your friend's girlfriend removed.

» french fries holder.

» polaroid-o-nizer your picture.

» when hamsters attack! :eek:

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do you know about the citrawarna malaysia? well...some of you maybe. i went to stadium merdeka for the opening ceremony just now. why i'm there? err...just for fun. i need to absorb some culture, taking loads of photos, meeting new people and stuff. also, i had to visit my cousin there. she's involved with the cultural dance performance. the ticket is only rm3. be there.

» richest fictional character.

» novotel amsterdam is a great hotel.

» the flo control project.

» comic.

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today is a busy day for me but nothing that i can't handle. i'm tired and i want to sleep. here's some links...

» monopoly live.

» cow with a window.

» got myspace? this is the truth about it.

» homemade web server.

» hologram diy.

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click for hi-res

went to batu ferringi just now. jalan-jalan and looking for some souvenir for myself and some gift for my friends. i bought the frog (picture) which makes a sound like a frog when we stroke the wood at the frog's back. there are other cool things there but maybe next time. then i bought some dvd. the price for one is only rm4, so i went crazy. there are many boxed set dvd collection like the 24, the office, smallville, friends (eww), etc. i felt like want to buy them all but i have to pace myself. he he. maybe next time, save some money dude. tomorrow i'll be going to kuala lumpur. yep, i've been here (penang) for one week (just one week). i'll be in kl for some business and things to take care of. want to meet? :shock: so, um...later...

» weird usb products.

» what kind of faggot are you?

» got aim? see who's blocking you.

» star wars origami.

» bier eis.

» starbucks logo evolution.

» stuff on my cat.

» kitten cannon. mine's uh...nevermind...

» monitor superglued to a wall.

» geek bling.

» dictionary.

» great video and animation.

» big is out. apparently...

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pernah dengar inokom? sekarang dah ada dua model. inokom atos dengan inokom matrix. bukannye apa, cuma aku agak keliru sikit dengan logo inokom ni. apa pandangan korang terhadap logo tu? kalau faham maksud aku, bagus le :evil: he he he...

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saturday. a nice day to go out. the sun's okay. wait, it's blazing hot actually. the air cond goes to the max. went to pasar lorong kulit to buy some apples.

i got my eye on a t-shirt there but maybe next time. next stop, campbell street for some original nasi kandar...yeahh. dad's having mee sup to cut from cholestrol food. me? i choose anything that i think i could eat. no prawns though. the price sometimes unreasonable.

mydin store is nearby. so, i went there to buy a buckload of battery for my camera. the price there is quite okay. i haven't seen grandcell battery since i was in form 5 and i thought it was discontinued. it seems i'm wrong because they still sell those things here. maybe i'll buy them...someday.

that's all i think. went back home and go to the pasar malam to buy dinner. then, relax at home and watch some tv. tomorrow's a different day.

» shampoo (nsfw).

» bumperball.

» pit stop game. mine's 10.753.

» watched star wars yet? this pirate version is hillarious.

» the anti panda site. he he he...i hate panda...

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fantastic four opens in usa on july 8th 2005. the movie is coming to malaysia on july 14th. if i want to watch it on opening day (july 8th), i probably had to go to usa. hmm...i live my life today as usual. wasting time and watching what not. anywhoo, i have to buy something at a supermarket at 9pm. as i wander around looking for stuff to buy, i noticed something. why on earth some people think that it is okay to wear pajamas to a supermarket. this is a big ass market. not a kedai runcit. baju tidur? baju kelawar? night gown (wtf?)? come on lah. think. fashion sense. maybe these people don't know that some pajamas are see through. if the angle is right, you can see something :evil:. luckily my camera is out of battery. (yes, i am a pervert)

» celebrities eating.

» illusion dots.

» throw rocks at boys (someone i know who hate guys surely gonna love this).

» bat mobile history.

» viagra cupcakes.

» do you have a corrupted mind?

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somehow i forgot to bitch about this. well, maybe it's the old thing. yeah, i watched the movie batman begins. so far? the movie is great. it can could match the original batman movie which michael keaton stars. but the batman movie kinda go downhill with the appearance of robin and batgirl for that matter. that...err...suck. it's funny that ducard/ra's al ghul (played by liam neeson) talk to bruce wayne something that related to the dark side of the force (hint: star wars) and liam neeson was once a jedi master qui-gon jinn in the movie star wars (shit, i am a geek). the part i like is at the end of the movie where lieutenant jim gordon (before he became a commisioner) call batman with a flood light and gave him joker's "business card". just right for the next movie (original batman). awesome.

» how batsuit works.

» tic tac mac.

» nice urinal.

» spray on mud.

» cassete turn table.

» cheap air cond.

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yesterday, dad buy some corn at pasar malam. he thought it is nice to have corn for supper. he has yet to decide to do roast corn (jagung bakar) or boil corn (jagung rebus). after not so much thinking, today i'm eating jagung rebus...yeay!. i boiled the corn (wait, this is a lie. i don't do any of the cooking. dad do it for me :razz:)

the corn is nice and yellow. add some butter and tastes great :!:. dad make it not too salty because he can't ate too much salt. not good for his health.

anyhoo...thanks a lot dad. maybe after this we can make jagung bakar.

» corn recipes.

» man boobs.

» fun with molotov cocktail.

» extract dna from anything living.

» illusions and a mural.

» let's pop some bubbles.

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kristin kreuk

i don't actually do this but to fullfill somebody request, here's pictures of kristin kreuk which some magazine claim the most beautiful women born in canada.

images » 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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