Azfar-ism was not cool enough


Proton Iriz 10,000km service


it's time for proton iriz 10,000km service

here are the items and costs info.

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Hello 2016

Obligatory post

Anyways, hows your 2015? Peachy I hope.

Have a great year :twisted:

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Proton Iriz 5000km service


it's time for the proton iriz next service. 5000km that is.

here's some information on the items and costs.

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Proton Iriz first service (1000km)

my first car was a proton. proton wira. damn good car that is. accident a couple of times, but nothing major though. sold that car and upgraded to a conti.

anyways, one day i was thinking of getting a second car. just for going to work or jalan-jalan around town. walk into a proton showroom and after looking around, sign the booking form for proton iriz. initially i want to buy proton persona but after sitting in, test here and there, i settled for iriz.

long story short, it was time for 1000km first service. search around the internet for some information but cannot find jack shit. i have some spare time and so i post this small information for any iriz owners out there who were wondering about the item and costs for the service.

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I am coffee


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Hello 2015


still here, updating life.

happy 2015 btw

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Awesome blog

it's time to steal other people contents

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Hello 2014


Long time no post.

Hue hue hue...

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Wrong number

When people call you and they get the wrong number, why should we apologize?

C: Hello, is this xxx?
Y: Sorry, no. Wrong number

It should just be, "Wrong number". Or if the calling end insist they got the right number and kept calling, then it should be, "Wrong number, asshole".

Heh. I guess, it's the adat ketimuran thing.

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Scuba license

i'm thinking of getting a scuba license. hey, it's good for the resume.

maybe need to learn some hand signals...

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Wang umpan?

so, i was reading metro (lol, don't ask)...

PUTRAJAYA: Gerakan memesongkan akidah umat Islam di negara ini kini menyasarkan golongan remaja dan penuntut universiti menggunakan wang, makanan dan hiburan sebagai umpan.

Difahamkan, gerakan itu berselindung di sebalik pertubuhan tertentu yang memperoleh dana dari dalam dan luar negara bagi membiayai usaha memesongkan akidah belia di negara ini.
Mendedahkan perkara itu, Pengerusi Islamic Outreach Abim (IOA) Kelantan, Datuk Dr Abdul Razak Kechik berkata, kumpulan itu dipercayai memujuk remaja secara tidak langsung dengan memberi bantuan kewangan, makanan dan menyediakan hiburan yang menjadi kegemaran utama golongan itu.

“Kami dapati gerakan itu semakin aktif. Sasaran utama golongan remaja bermasalah kewangan dan kesukaran hidup.

“Mereka menggunakan pendekatan pujukan halus dengan mengadakan kaunseling, memberi makanan atau membayarkan yuran pengajian di universiti bagi pelajar susah.

somehow i think, these people confuse between ulterior move and charity. what do you expect man? surely they turned up at jabatan agama for help. after being shunned by those jabatan agama citing, "not enough budget", desperate for help, they'll accept any offer they get. including from other religious party. then, they're labelled as terpesong akidah.

those jabatan agama people really need to stop taking zakat money.

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Half a year?


nearly a year since i last post. i guess, procrastination is the shit yo.

was at some point of giving up blogging. but then, the web space and domain is already there. anyways, technically i was busy with the life, work and family that i forgot to spend some time for me. but the real reason is probably i'm lazy to write. there are things that is in my head. the mind already drafted what i should write but then, ah, maybe next time. then, i forgot.

hmm, let's see if i can resume writing crap, regularly.


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