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Wang umpan?

so, i was reading metro (lol, don't ask)...

PUTRAJAYA: Gerakan memesongkan akidah umat Islam di negara ini kini menyasarkan golongan remaja dan penuntut universiti menggunakan wang, makanan dan hiburan sebagai umpan.

Difahamkan, gerakan itu berselindung di sebalik pertubuhan tertentu yang memperoleh dana dari dalam dan luar negara bagi membiayai usaha memesongkan akidah belia di negara ini.
Mendedahkan perkara itu, Pengerusi Islamic Outreach Abim (IOA) Kelantan, Datuk Dr Abdul Razak Kechik berkata, kumpulan itu dipercayai memujuk remaja secara tidak langsung dengan memberi bantuan kewangan, makanan dan menyediakan hiburan yang menjadi kegemaran utama golongan itu.

“Kami dapati gerakan itu semakin aktif. Sasaran utama golongan remaja bermasalah kewangan dan kesukaran hidup.

“Mereka menggunakan pendekatan pujukan halus dengan mengadakan kaunseling, memberi makanan atau membayarkan yuran pengajian di universiti bagi pelajar susah.

somehow i think, these people confuse between ulterior move and charity. what do you expect man? surely they turned up at jabatan agama for help. after being shunned by those jabatan agama citing, "not enough budget", desperate for help, they'll accept any offer they get. including from other religious party. then, they're labelled as terpesong akidah.

those jabatan agama people really need to stop taking zakat money.

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Half a year?


nearly a year since i last post. i guess, procrastination is the shit yo.

was at some point of giving up blogging. but then, the web space and domain is already there. anyways, technically i was busy with the life, work and family that i forgot to spend some time for me. but the real reason is probably i'm lazy to write. there are things that is in my head. the mind already drafted what i should write but then, ah, maybe next time. then, i forgot.

hmm, let's see if i can resume writing crap, regularly.


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Happy Eid-ul Fitr

My family and I would like to wish all of my Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid ul-Fitr) (1432H/2011). I also want to apologize for all of my wrongdoings and hope we can start a new book. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. In the meantime, enjoy your holidays, drive save and have fun.

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New addition

Forgot to tell. I got a son already.

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Got this invitation

Should I go or not? Hmm...

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Cat shower

Because this is cute, i feel the need to share it.

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On stranger tides

Yeap, will be watching this

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Unless you live in a secluded place, you surely have one. Surely the neighbour must be human because if it is a monkey, you must be living in a zoo.

Anyways, dad decided to renovate his KL house. He told me, "hey, why not?". So, I'm okay with it. Currently the progress is on 30%. Now, here comes the problem.

My parents place is a small malay community on the upskirts of KL. They been there when the place was still trees and bushes and KLCC was still a place for horse. Along the years, they already known all kinds of people at that place, north south east west and especially people living next to them. Or so they thought.

Month before the renovation, dad already went from house to house along our road informing the neighbours about the renovation. Yeah, all people are okay with it. He also told the contractors to cover left and right side of the house with tarp. For a small construction, it is enough.

My left neighbour is a bit of busybody. He don't make that much of a fuss but, he likes to see and ask this and that. I guess that is typical of retiree. My dad also like that. Sometimes that guy will follow the foreman just to see what's he up to.

My right neighbour, now this is a piece of work. Sometimes in the morning he would just scold the foreman because his front side of the house was dusty, his roof got sand, etc. etc. I was like, WTF this dude problems? One day he tell the foreman about not to do cornish (ID term) on the roof because that thing will go into his house area.

Pissed off, the foreman take a measuring tape and measure the width of that guys house and my dads house. He told the guy, that his house and his cornish already went into my dads house area and scolding the guy back about his 'neighbourly' attitude. Haihhh.

Maybe the dude should live in an island. Nobody will disturb him there. Many people in that area already done a renovation. Sure sometimes it kinda messy and noisy but for the spirit of neighbourhood, we don't mind it as long its ok.

Hmm, about the guys cornish, maybe I'll poke the guy a bit about it and saying something about a lawsuit. See what he have to say. Lol

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The railway journey


Starting this year, I'm going to try the public transport to work. Sincerely speaking, not a fan of the public transport. I rather drive. I've been living at Kajang since last year and driving from there to KL kinda sucked. Rush hour and all. My suggested route is komuter -> kl sentral -> lrt klcc. The amount of fare I have to pay for one way is RM2.80 and RM1.90.

It's been 1 week and so far so good. Sure, sometimes tired and all (well mostly waiting for the train, ktm/rapidkl and their sucky time management not to mention maintenance problems) but not that tired compared when I drive. The time spent, money, energy and brain power are lower. Time gained can be used for other things like family time.

Kinda bored with long journey like this everyday. The only entertainment I have while en route is my ipod and mobile phone. My gadget can be used to keep my hands busy lol. Maybe I should get an ipad. Bigger screen for my rabun-ed eye. Other than that, is looking at various human antics in and out of the train. If I were to write a book about it, I'll call it 'Dumbass on the railway'. Ha lol u mad. Maybe I'll write about it here later.

Anyways, my hopes for the public transport? It can be better. We're progressing like a turtle. With the subsidy cut and all, saying it for the public transport improvement project, I'd say that is full of crap lol. Ha, we'll see lah in the near future.

Ok, it's my stop. Later.

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Burung marah


currently occupied with something. that something is this. angry birds. damn addictive. i don't even want to let go my android. you can get it at android market or app store for ios (iphone, ipad, etc) device.

for pc users, you can buy that game for USD 5 at intel appup.

if you prefer the 'ehem-ehem' version, use google. he he...

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Selamat tahun baru 2011


Happy new year 2011 to all.

It feels like, the time is getting faster. Hmm...generally 2010 has been great to me. Hoping for more in 2011. I acheive many things last year. Get married, new position, new stuff, etc.

Last year also I found many new friends. Lol.

Anyways, good luck to all


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Cerita hari jumaat

Salam akhir tahun.

Aku tengok sekarang, purata umur anak-anak muda yang berkahwin makin turun. Zaman dulu-dulu orang suka kawin muda. Lepas tu suka kawin lambat. Sekarang suka kawin muda balik. Ada yang umur 20-21 tahun dah mendirikan rumah tangga. Bagus lah kalau begitu. Rasa-rasa dah mampu, kawin sajalah. Mampu tu ikut la, duit sendiri ke, duit mak bapak ke. Tapi kalau duit mak bapak, kasi ganti balik la wei. Anyways, bagus la daripada buat dosa siang dan malam. Meraba sana sini, zina situ sinun. Tak gitu kan?

Tapi, kadang-kadang sedih juga aku tengok. Adalah beberapa member aku yang kahwin 'shotgun'. Sebab apa kawin? Sebab dah termengandungkan anak orang. Seronok punya main cucuk-cucuk, akhirnya terpancut dalam. Bila dapat tahu mengandung, terus rush nak kahwin. Iyelah, lagi lambat tangguh, makin besar perut nanti. Kantoi pulak. Siapa yang susah? Mereka dan keluarga mereka. Haihh...Bila dah jadi macam ni, nak salahkan siapa beb? Mak bapak, masyarakat atau diri sendiri? Lol entahlah.

Kalau ikut hukum agama, agak sukar jugak kes ni. Sah atau tidak perkahwinan tu? Ada ayat mengatakan yang, tempoh iddah perempuan mengandung ialah selepas dia melahirkan anak. Lepas beranak, baru boleh kahwin. Kalau ikut Mazhab Syafie pulak, sah pernikahan tu, tapi salah satu syarat dia ialah pasangan yang berzina tu bertaubat. Korang dah bertaubat ke belum?

Oleh itu, anak-anak muda sekarang, jauhilah zina. Hedonisme duniawi tak kemana punya. Ataupun pakai lah kondom. Ha ha ha.

Btw, ni sumber dari Ustaz Zaharuddin.


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