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Happy New Year 2021

How’s your 2020? Blurry? Don’t remember?

Well, 21st century plague will do that to you.

Anyways, here’s hoping for a better year.

Selamat Tahun Baru New Normal 2021


Proton Iriz 70,000km service


it’s time for proton iriz 70,000km service.

here are the items and costs info.

got some squeaking sound from my front seat. tell them about it and they just tightened the nut & bolt. still squeaking though.

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Proton Iriz 60,000km service


it’s time for proton iriz 60,000km service.

here are the items and costs info.

do note that the cost is quite expensive because it is 60k km and you have to deal with the CVT stuff (oil, filter, etc). this time, i’m using my proton 7 year warranty to change the seat fabric (old one torn. low quality perhaps? and they even didn’t do the seat fitment right. got loose and gap. wtf proton?) and adjustment to the steering column. also, my brake and disk brake is making sound and will request to change on my next service. they still cannot settle my CVT and battery indicator light though. that’s very annoying.

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Happy new year 2019


Same with last year. Everything is going as planned. Detailed updates is on my facebook and instagram.

Things are going well but I do have some problems with this blog. Had trouble with themes and plugins. Nearly give up though. Give up like close this blog and archive it all. Had to abandoned some of the plugins to make it work. But finally it all worked. Ok lah like that.

Hows your 2018 by the way?

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Server migration

well, its been a while.

anyways, i just do a migration on all of my servers including my personal webhost server. unfortunately for me, my old web design is not compatible with latest php which is sucks because i’m lazy to make or find another template.

nevermindlah, see how it goes.

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Proton Iriz 50,000km service


it’s time for proton iriz 50,000km service.

here are the items and costs info.

my problem before is an annoying sound coming from the steering wheel/wheel when turning left. cannot diagnose properly the cause of the sound, they end up changing the whole steering column. it’s under warranty, so it’s ok. also, my airbag light intermittent flashing. they just tightened the plug.

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