hey, it’s the new year’s eve. ending for the 2004. this end of the year, i’m not planning to go anywhere. like those past year where i always searching for fun and joy and mostly ended with something that i don’t planned. i decided to have a quiet celebration at a special place with my friend. my resolutions last year? most of it has been accomplished (such as buying a new computer, a thumbdrive, breaking up with someone, just to name a few).

my ’05 resolutions:
1) do more work (e.g: completing some shit throwed at me)
2) be a good boy (yeah…)
3) eat more
4) get in touch with inner self
5) finding ‘nur’
6) keeping my hands occupied (no idling)
7) learn how to drive an airplane (cessna for starters)
8) be in the mpp, hopefully the president
9) find time for my photography work
10) drive carefully

that’s all i can think of as this time. it’ll be added automaticly as the year started. hopefully i achieved it all. okay ya’ll. happy new year 2005. good luck in the next year and god speed. i’m hoping for a more victorious year. thanks and see you all next year. ta!

tsunami disaster

my friend in kl told me that his apartment was shaking. at first, i was thinking, is this true? or maybe they were doing some construction. or maybe my friend tried to be funny. then my parents called saying that our apartment in penang was also shaking. they were afraid. confused, i check the news and found out that there was a massive earthquake in sumatra which according to statistics, was a 9.0 magnitude. a disaster to end the year. my thought and prayers goes to those unfortunate people out there. for info on the 2004 indian ocean earthquake, see this wiki (info from jeff ooi).

i found out that the band linkin park has also set up a charity to help the tsunami victims. to help out, you all can do so through various ways. whether by giving clothes, donating money or by being a volunteer. others out there, check this out :

Red Cross

NST, BH, TV3, 8TV Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund

The Star Earthquake / Tsunami Relief Fund

Mack Zulkifli’s Brand New Malaysian Tsunami Relief Fund


this is kinda old news. but nevermind that. i was doing my work when my buddies in AOL messaged me. he found out that someone has been stealing my stories. i was thinking, “wait a sec, what stories? which one? i thought mine are all lame and boring”. then he show me the link. proud at first because somebody had to steal my story to try to make out his life looked fun, but after looking around that web, i made a conclusion that this dude must have a real fucking boring life. no real stories to tell, no history, no talent, no idea, none whatsoever. i mean, come on lah. if you want to steal my graphics, pictures or some article in my blog, it’s ok la, edit and repost them at your website. everybody’s doing that now, the copy and paste but dont’t forget about the creative commons copyrights. but to steal my story, my memories, my experience? man, this is low. VERY LOW. the malaysia web scene is still small. eventually we will bounce into each other. compare my ‘About’ stoty (link above) with this dude website screenshot (geli nak letak link dia kat sini) :

sex calories

Calories we burn whilst having sex!

The Act of Insertion
If the man is ready (same vice-versa) : 1/4 calories
If the woman is not (same vice-versa) : 274 calories

Satisfying Partner (organ size)
Most experts agree that size means nothing. Shape is what counts, and the man with a Shaped organ can write his own ticket. In those rare instances where a man has a genuinely small member, he may have to compensate by working slightly harder, but this is good for weight loss. A man with a really large organ, while he might not have to work as hard once inside, may exhaust himself just trying to convince his partner to let him put it inside.

Normal size : 22 calories
Oversize : 15 calories
Tremendous : 8 calories
Teensy-weensy : 163 calories

Man on top, woman on bottom (facing each other) : 20 calories
Woman on top, man on bottom : 25 calories (Many women find that in addition to its inherent sexual possibilities, this position affords a better view of the clock.)
From the rear (Mysterious variation) : 40 1/2 calories
– Both partners of equal height : 18 calories
– Woman 1 foot taller than a man : 90 calories (The man will have to make several rigorous leaps into the air in order to achieve even minimal satisfaction.)
– While in traction : 124 calories

On a bar stool : 20 calories
Rear of a Honda Civic : 38 calories
In a phone booth
– Standing : 14 calories
– Lying down : 274 calories
On an airliner
– Aisle seat : 24 calories
– Middle seat : 42 calories
– Window seat : 30 calories
– In the lavatory : 100 calories


tak popular

aku sebenarnya ada cerita lain nak karang kat blog ni. sedih pilu gak le jalan cerita dia tuh. tapi tunggu emosi ni ok dulu la baru aku story. disebabkan aku postpone cerita sedih pilu tu, aku ganti dengan cerita ni.

tadi din ajak aku pergi makan kat kedai kuay tiow izhar. time tu dalam pukul 11 lebih. disebabkan aku tengah tension buat animasi macromedia director tu, aku pun ikut le din. aku memang lapar, jadi aku sapu dua pinggan kuay tiow. time aku tengah seronok makan tu, ada satu group pompuan datang makan kat kedai izhar. time tu dekat nak pukul 1 pagi. izhar kata tu geng futsal pompuan. kiterang tak ambik pot sangat le sebab aku tengah rancak berborak. cumanya, time group pompuan tu nak bayar makan diorang, aku pandang depan pastu terperasan sorang minah tu muka cam familiar. ushar punye ushar rupa-rupanya tu siti nurhaliza. adik dia pun ada sekali. fuh…terkesima kejap aku kat situ. kaku macam kayu jap. hebat main futsal memalam bute gini. kakak ipar izhar ada kenal dengan artis-artis rupanya. ha ha. jadi, dapat le aku haritu makan kuay tiow dengan siti nurhaliza. jangan jeles aaa. aku dah suruh izhar sound kalau ada artis yang makan kat situ lagi, jangan lupa sound aku. kho kho kho…

menyesal le juge sebab aku terlupa bawak kamera. biasanya pergi mana-mana aku angkut kesana-kesini. ish…rugi-rugi… mungkin lain kali la kot?…


shimi gave me this disclaimer. he claim to found this somewhere. i think it is cool.

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nassier wahab – memori cinta luka

Nassier Wahab – Memori Cinta Luka

Seindah pada waktu itu
Dalam sendu membelaiku
Asmra melewati
Kala sendu

Tersurat prpishan Ini
melayari hari
Terpadamlah api
Cinta yang menyala

Buka alasan itu
Yang ku mahu darimu
Impian yang ku bina
Pudar layu
Tiada bermakna

Setelah lama ku korbankan
Tiada bererti
Dan biarkan terasing disini

Hanya saat ini
Yang akan menentu
Pasti tidak kau menoleh
Pada waktu indah itu

Hanya saat ini
Merubah dirimu kasih
Meresapi jiwamu yang lara

Tidak ku duga mengapa begini
Berakhirlah kisah cinta nan luka
Tak mungkin akan bersinar kembali
Tak mungkin kau sedari

Musnah semua janji yang terucap
Dalam senyum menyusuk di dada
Dan kini kau telah pergi
Tinggalku sendiri

Hanya saat ini
Yang akan menentu
Pasti tidak kau menoleh
Pada waktu indah itu

Hanya saat ini
Merubah dirimu kasih
Meresapi jiwamu yang lara

Tidak ku duga mengapa begini
Berakhirlah kisah cinta nan luka
Tak mungkin akan bersinar kembali
Tak mungkin kau sedari

Musnah semua janji yang terucap
Dalam senyum menyusuk di dada
Dan kini kau telah pergi
Tinggalku sendiri

© all copyright goes to their respective owner.

finger eleven – one thing

Finger Eleven – One Thing

Restless tonight
Cause I wasted the light
Between both these times
I drew a really thin line
It’s nothing I planned
And not that I can
But you should be mine
Across that line

If I traded it all
If I gave it all away for one thing
Just for one thing
If I sorted it out
If I knew all about this one thing
Wouldn’t that be something

I promise I might
Not walk on by
Maybe next time
But not this time

Even though I know
I don’t want to know
Yeah I guess I know
I just hate how it sounds

[Chorus x2]

Even though I know
I don’t want to know
Yeah I guess I know
I just hate how it sounds

Even though I know
I don’t want to know
Yeah I guess I know
I just hate how it sounds

[Chorus x3]

© all copyright goes to their respective owner.

huh huh

sibuk. tu je yang mampus mampu aku cakap. takde masa langsung nak tulis blog ni apatah lagi nak update galeri gambar aku. tapi projek 365 aku masih berjalan. gambar aku ambik setiap hari tapi tak sempat nak upload je. jadi kekadang aku sumbat sekali gus kalau ada peluang. hari rabu mel mintak aku format pc rumah dia. fuh, punyela banyak spyware sampai makan bandwidth. jadi slow internet connection. nasib baik dapat siap hari tu jugak. aku memang suka tengok pc yang baru format. clean dan laju je. dah siap, hantar balik pc tu ke kajang. hari tu campur semalamnye dah dekat 4 kali aku pergi kajang. fuh…tak ingat.

hari jumaat ada kelas database. biasalah aku, masuk lambat. tanya-tanya, rupanya ada assignment. kene buat artikel pasal web based dbms. fuh, nasib baik aku tau sikit-sikit. jadi, cemerlang la time nak present tu. jeles je bebudak lain dengan group aku…ho ho ho…

* UPDATE 25/12/04:
my backup server at’s myloca is back online.

my IPO

i just got into this stock broker world. it’s kinda…uh…fun. dreaming and having a fantasy. by the way, anyone wanna buy my blog shares? :grin:

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* UPDATE 22/12/04:
i’m having some problems with my backup server.’s myloca cyberjaya is soooo stupid. i’m currently searching for another backup server that is 100 times better than previous one. it’ll be back online soon. meanwhile, some thing like picture gallery, pictures in some story are unavailable. sori aa…

jom escape

sekali pandang cam website orang inggeris (tiru ayat member). tapi empat kali tengok rupa-rupanya inggeris celup. tak kisah le tu. lama aku tak tulis dalam bm. disebabkan aku malas nak belek kamus, aku tulis je dalam bm. petang tadi aku ke um, lepak dengan member aku kat sana. aku bercadang nak mintak member aku tolong ajarkan subjek struktur data dan algoritma. fuh…payah gile. dah le kelas first aku masuk dah bab 3. tu ler, escape banyak sangat. well…biasale tu. dapat le aku cover bab link list dengan dia disambil dia tunjukkan camne nak tulis program. boleh la aku faham sikit. takde le melahu je kalau time kelas. malamnye, cadang nak tengok member aku buat persembahan tarian kat dtc um tuh tapi disebabkan masalah teknikal, sesampai je sana persembahan dah habis. ho ho…duk lepak borak aje pastu gi minum kat 14.

takde le aku ni jakun sangat tapi time lepak kat 14 tu, ternampak le awie tengah minum-minum dengan member dia. aku tak minat sangat mamat tu. tapi lantak le kot. kalau aku kuar dengan member aku yang sorang tu, sure dia dah terhegeh-hegeh dengan pen dan kamera dia nak mintak autograf.


i had mid term today. the subject? data struct. very hard since i didn’t attend some class. he he. i thought i aced the test. well, we’ll just see the result later. i actually comfort using c++ with data struct rather than c. with c++, the language is much more easier and understandable. ugh…

on afternoon, went to melaka with mom to send my old pc to my sister in mmu. she always nagging for a pc to do her assignment when she came home. now, just look the joy in her face. huh, belaja baik-baik aaa…jangan main komputer je.