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i stink

hurm…new layout. plus i now had started writing about politics (huh?). i love the past layout. some says it makes my site more professional. especially the customers that has been there. none of that grungy, poser great homepage webmaster wannabe like. well, i’m not trying to be one. just a person who likes to experiment with his toys. but i’ve got this e-mail from my webhosting saying that my website takes too much of the bandwitdh. that can’t be good. it seems that my previous design has too many graphics and scripts. oh, and it eats up the cpu usage with the sql query, php and all of that shit. looks like i had to tone down. redesign my php scripts so that it have no errors wont stressed out the cpu. it might burn (ha ha ha…). enough of that computers mumbo jumbo shit. my new design is i’m going for a simpler mode. and low usage of graphics and scripts of course. i’m kinda opting for a blog + photoblog mode. every pictures has its story. photography is fun. after changing to the new layout, the bandwith usage dropped 50%. damn. i’m in the process of getting a new server for webhosing. maybe after that i don’t have to worry about bandwith anymore.

i was quite terkejut lah last week. i was given this comment that no one has given me before. i only use bedak when going to class. one day i use my perfume (kenzo), to class. after a while talking to my friend, she said that whose perfume smell like this and she wanted to puke. man, that was an offense to my perfume dude. all this while nobody complain about it. all i got was compliment on how nice i smell. oh, probably just her hormones or pms. damn damn. maybe i should buy a new perfume. that smells more nicer. nevermind. today i went to sungai wang to buy hard disk and floppy drive. man, i was very tired but i managed to complete all my errands. that’s a good thing. on my way home, suddently i had this bowel movement. i thought i couldn’t make it to home and just crap in my pants. nasib baik sempat. tu pun i’ve been slowing down my breath to lower my metabolism and perhaps slow down the movement of colon. on my arrival at home, i ran to the toilet and have this crap of the day. it was…

great. ha ha…

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