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Month: March 2004

photo gallery updated

i have many interesting pictures that i like to share with my visitors, but the problem is i don’t have a sufficient space at my webhosting. probably i’ll buy a new one next month. or if anyone would like to buy one for me. anyway, here are some pictures i took on election day. all photos taken with panasonic mv-gs1 dv video camera.

see more election photos here.

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politics definition


Son: Dad, I have to do a special report for school. Can I ask you a question?
Dad: Sure, son. What’s the question?
Son: What’s POLITICS?
Dad: Well son, let’s take our home as an example: I make all the inal decisions on important matters. So let’s call me MANAGEMENT. Your mother spends most of the money, so let’s call her the GOVERNMENT. We take care of you and your needs. So, let’s call you the PEOPLE. We shall call our maid Clara, the WORKERS. And we call your baby brother, the FUTURE. Do you understand what POLITICS means now?
Son: I’m really not so sure dad. I’ll have to think about it.

That night, awaken by his baby brother’s crying, the boy went to see what was wrong. Discovering the baby had seriously soiled his diaper, the boy went to his parent’s room and found his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to disturb his mother, he then went to the maid’s room. He peeked through the keyhole, and saw his father in bed with the maid. The boy’s knocking went unanswered by his father and the maid. So, he finally returned to his room and went back to sleep. The next morning at the breakfast table:

Son: Dad, I now think I understand POLITICS.
Dad: That’s great son! Please explain to me in your own words.
Son: Well dad! While MANAGEMENT is screwing the WORKERS, the GOVERNMENT is sound asleep. The PEOPLE are being ignored and the FUTURE is full of shit!

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life is just like a ferris wheel. sometimes we go up and sometimes down

the holiday is almost at the end. the fun time is now officially over. now it’s back to waking up early in the morning, go to class and listen to the lecturer. no freetime (not like i’m doing anything on my freetime anyway. i sleep almost all day). my gpa last semester was ok. it’s not hard to maintain it but i have to be positive all the time and of course, rajin to go to the class lah. with the starting of this new semester, i felt like messed up, like always. i had these problem with some friends and it suck. even my parents don’t trust me anymore. not like i’m blaming them. because sometimes it only took one people to to cause it and to blame it on. and that would be me. lately i started to create this sentences: “kawan hanyalah sebuah fatamorgana” (friend is just an illusion) just because i had this problem with a friend. everything i do will alter the course of the future and all the people surrounding me. every action has it reaction. when everything has already happened, we can only sit back, analyze and think. in the end, it’s the what if that hurts the most. what if things gone a little different. if only…

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nutshell.rants is now on wap!

hurrah hurrah!…finally this website can be viewed on wap/gprs enabled handphone. i don’t know much about wap language actually, but after taking this short wap tutorial and with some help from the founder of, i finally get to launch my website on wap. visitors get to read my blog, see some pictures, download wallpaper and polyphonic ringtones. other features such as guestbook, e-mail and other phone compability will be added soon. so, don’t wait and surf to on your handphone.

i’ve been blog hopping lately. looking for oklah website design with nice content and ideas. most of the funky urinal. ale, tempat kencing berdiri tu lahh... blog i went to have shout/guestbook system mostly from tagboard. and actually kesian la jugak when i see that most of the comment user gave them is filled with hatred, mencarut, kutuk and stuff. the best thing is, ignore and delete the entry. there are probably some mama’s boy/girl still living with their parents and have nothing to do. anyway, internet is known for medium to slandering other people anonymously. today is my first time casting a vote. penat la jugak. i had to line up at almost 2 hours. but 2 hours is okay comparing to 4 hours standing when i joined the police cadet at school. the results of the election has came in and all favour goes to bn. that’s great…i think. anyway, i’m thinking of installing an urinal on my toilet. i am the only son in my family so, sometimes it’s hard after peeing, i had to put down the toilet lid. sometimes i forget. maybe having an urinal solves this problem…maybe…i think. i want to get one like this. quite cute.

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it’s been a while since i post. i work in front of a computer yet i don’t have any time to write on my blog. but, nevermind that. while surfing for some information, i came across this website that have this quote:

“Profanity is the inevitable linguistic crutch of the inarticulate motherfucker.”
-Bruce Sherrod

yeah dude, this quote is nice. i’ve been using this quote on my msn messenger till today. many people commented on it though. i’ve noted that all tv stations has begin promoting for general election. i’m excited. this is my first election. on all commercial about election, the one i think is lame and annoy me is on ntv7, the one where people say the wrong line and make a x with their hands. seriously, lame. they could just use many other different concept. i don’t know about others opinion, but i still think it’s lame…ha ha. nowdays i’m eating too much chicken. that’s because my sisters has been working part time at kenny rogers and she brought back home stuffs like chicken (of course), macaroni and cheese, muffins and others. oh, and not to forget. while surfing for information, i came about this website created by edouard levi, called safe for work porn. awesome dude!

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election day is coming

i forgot to post about this earlier. probably due to sleeping a lot. my housing area organized a family day last week. specificly for the houses on 14th road. it was great actually, although i came about 30 minutes late. got to know the people on my neighbourhood better. plus, i don’t know there were many hot chicks in my neighbourhood. aheh. got to show my face more often. election day is coming. so was poster war. everywhere i got to see these posters. man. because i have turned 21 last year, i got to vote for the first time this year. probably voting for a new government is just the same as when i were voting for prefects on my school days. pangkah, pangkah and pangkah. anyway, have you registered as a voter yet?

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i hate spyware

on my last post, i’ve been rambling about junk program or better be called spyware and adware infecting my desktop computer. i’ve done deleting the program. i think i got them all but actually they are still in my computer. hiding and lurking beneath the system folder. i realize this when there are something wrong with my internet explorer. some page takes long time to load. fed up with this mess, i tried searching for a powerful adware / spyware remover. i came across these fuckin’ a great program.

  • HijackThis
  • SpyBot – S & D
  • Maxion SpyKiller
  • Privacy Eraser
  • Registry Mechanic
  • they can be found at (for HijackThis), (for SpyBot-S&D) and these program works by scanning all possible location in our computer searching for threat based on their spyware / adware database. location such as the hard drive (duhh…:roll:), registry and memory. i personally like to use HijackThis, Registry Mechanic & SpyBot-S&D. HijackThis scans your internet explorer, internet connection and startup config for spyware / adware. when i use this program, i saw the spyware / adware are still on my computer, not been removed succesfully on my last attempt. they even control my internet connection, network settings and internet explorer. shit. Registry Mechanic simply repair your registry and remove all unnecessary entry to make your system more stable and load fast. as for SpyBot-S&D, it scans the hard drive, regisry and memory for any spyware / adware and fix or delete them for good of mankind. i seriously recommend this programs if you don’t like spyware/adware or being watched / controlled by a hidden software that collects information about you. fight against spyware / adware for our privacy and safety. in the meantime, see this website:

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    a miracle

    wiungg…weengg…klepap! another mosquito getting slapped by me. i don’t know where they came from. probably from my water fountain as i forgot to put the ‘ubat jentik-jentik’. my biological clock are almost correct. now i sleep at night and awake at day. but the awake part is quite early. at 5:15am every morning. have to tweak it up a little bit. the pepsi twist double shot i drank today, suck. taste more like the normal pepsi twist. anywhuu, while minding my own business, my mum got a called from a stranger claiming he has my mum’s purse and wanted to meet her to return the purse back. thinking it is a joke, my mum laughed and told the guy, sure she will met him. then, when my mum and i search for her purse, it was really missing. the guy told us that he found the purse lying at the road on the way to uia. that was strangely odd. last person who use the car is my sister who went to uia to pick up her stuff and in the early morning, my mum forgot to take out her purse from the car after sending my older sister to work. it was a miracle. there are still honest people in this world. this case maybe a 1/1000th. mostly people ignore what they saw on the road, and if they found a purse, probably they took the contents. later we met the guy who found the purse and thank him. he was driving a trailer on the way to terengganu. man, if he got a time, i surely would like to buy him a dinner or belanja him teh tarik.

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    voip anyone?

    calling your relatives or friends at oversea is fun. plus, you can catch up with your family/friends. but, paying the costs for the call…sucks. unless you have the maxis roam *120* like paula malai ali in the commercials, you are likely to pay a load of money to the telco company. but i think, the rate of overseas call between any telco company are almost the same. so, the *120* is just another crap. so, what we can do is, limiting our time on overseas call. but no worries. the technology is far more advanced now. with the internet and all, comes a new invention called voice over ip (voip). this stuff is cool. you get to pay a minimum costs or just your internet connection fees if you talk to your family/friends from anywhere in this world. the sound quality is better than telephone. i would like to recommend this great voip software called Skype. it is brought by the people who gives you kazaa and this software dosen’t have any spyware or adware. i’ve been using this software for about 5-6 month or so and it was great. i can call my overseas friends or talk to my family anytime and anywhere. to use this software, both side must have this software installed in their computer and they must have an internet connection, a mic, sound card and a speaker. oh, you also must have windows 2000 and above or windows xp to use this software. see more info about this software here, download this software here or see the screen shot here. have fun.

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    hurh…yesterday when on the way to kuala lipis, i was driving at about 130km/h on the karak highway. that’s when suddenly i saw this dude was sitting at the end of a cliff holding something that looks like a camera, speed detector or something. my head goes, damn it, another saman for me. i mean, come on, coming from a cliff, it has to be speedy. if i hit the brakes to often, it can get hot or i might lost control of my car. but anyway, nevermind lah. i’ll try to think positive and thought it was just a guy with a camera. but as always, journey to kuala lipis and back was tiring. when i got home, i just fall asleep until the next day. i don’t even hear my handphone ringing. it’s erna calling me to asked about her company’s website design. and i don’t even completed the design yet…how cool…he he

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    anger management

    phew…last night, i was sitting in front of this notebook from day to night. reason? struggling to finish the design for euroaxis. probably most of the time taken to finished this project is this slowass notebook to load its program. i must buy a new ram. boss came to my house at the evening. damn, i was suprised. he knew the streets will be jam since it is already 5pm. but he tells me he went to my house because want to discuss something. well, i have no problem with that. any of my friends are welcomed to my house anytime. then i followed my mum & my sister to the optometrist to pickup the new glasses. i was in my car signalling to the left waiting for this parked car on the left to get out. suddenly when the car left, out of nowhere this fucking asshole just speed up and took my space. i was very angry at that moment :furious:. that’s when i go out of the car and started to verbally abuse :cuss: the driver. i was thinking like chasing him and my hands felt a little lighter and wanted to punch the driver badly. luckily no fists were flying in the air that night or there will be chaos. this is what really wrong with me. i seems can’t control my anger anymore. they all just fly. the doctor has adviced me not to eat meat everyday, cause it can cause a high blood pressure and result in tension and anger. what can i do, that evening my mum cooked me a meat stew and hell no i’m going to waste that. my favourite. well, probably i’ll just find a psychologist or shrink (what they call it now…really?). or probably go on a holiday to langkawi…again to release this stress…ok then, i’m going to kuala lipis today to visit siti nurhaliza at his home…nahh, just going to my sister’s school at mrsm kuala lipis to pick up her spm results.

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