nutshell.rants is now on wap!

hurrah hurrah!…finally this website can be viewed on wap/gprs enabled handphone. i don’t know much about wap language actually, but after taking this short wap tutorial and with some help from the founder of, i finally get to launch my website on wap. visitors get to read my blog, see some pictures, download wallpaper and polyphonic ringtones. other features such as guestbook, e-mail and other phone compability will be added soon. so, don’t wait and surf to on your handphone.

i’ve been blog hopping lately. looking for oklah website design with nice content and ideas. most of the funky urinal. ale, tempat kencing berdiri tu lahh... blog i went to have shout/guestbook system mostly from tagboard. and actually kesian la jugak when i see that most of the comment user gave them is filled with hatred, mencarut, kutuk and stuff. the best thing is, ignore and delete the entry. there are probably some mama’s boy/girl still living with their parents and have nothing to do. anyway, internet is known for medium to slandering other people anonymously. today is my first time casting a vote. penat la jugak. i had to line up at almost 2 hours. but 2 hours is okay comparing to 4 hours standing when i joined the police cadet at school. the results of the election has came in and all favour goes to bn. that’s great…i think. anyway, i’m thinking of installing an urinal on my toilet. i am the only son in my family so, sometimes it’s hard after peeing, i had to put down the toilet lid. sometimes i forget. maybe having an urinal solves this problem…maybe…i think. i want to get one like this. quite cute.

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