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Month: April 2004

a path to darkness

this article has been deleted because of:

  • somebody force me to do it.
  • someone warned, harass and black mail me.
  • worried about my family & my security.
  • don’t like the idea of this site being shut downed by the authorities.
  • yeah, what to do. with a simple touch, someone can kill other people creativity and freedom of speech. anyway, i’ll find other interesting article and post it here when i have the time hoping it won’t create a problem (aah…who am i kidding). now i’m busy with my finals. thanks for supporting!

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    aim 2004

    uhh…thought of writing about the freebsd server i set up but that can wait. hell yeah, i went to this year AIM. how cool is that? before this i see this event only on tv but now i can see it live. my friend salekhan called me one day asking me would i like to see the AIM. and i reply, yeah, why not. salekhan was cool. before this, he got a free ticket to see blue and he asked me. although i’m not a big fan of that group, but to get a backstage pass to see an international artist, why not? the show started at 8:30pm but we had to get there before 7:15pm for seating. when arrived at pwtc, there are already people lined up to see the artists. we hang around at the mall because salekhan wants to see dayang nurfaezah there. at 7pm, we entered the dewan merdeka. luckily our seat was not that far from the stage. before the show started, as usual, there were a audience manager that tell us when to clap, how to clap and even give some of the audience posters to cheer the artist. before the show started, apek senario, kuman and yasin aku kaya make some joke by telling the audience the ‘rules & regulations of aim 2004’ such as switcing off the handphone, etc. they were also making some jokes during commercial break to lighten up the audience since we sit there for about 3 hours. the show kicked off with the performance of the group Search . this award show, was ok lah considering this is my first award shindig. not so good and not so bad either. sedang-sedang. my favourite was when rockers from the group May, Wings and Lefthanded perform a slow rock song. that was awesome. anyway, as usual, siti nurhaliza wins the best pop artist again. and there were a LOT of ning baizura fans that night. after the show, salekhan wants to go artist hunting. basicly he wants to take photos with them. i tell you this, going artist hunting was not fun. i shit you not. my brain started to scream for somebody to kill me. but because i went there because of salekhan, so i went instead. he managed to took some photos with hans issac, ning baizura, afdlin shauki and others. after doing that stuff, we went to see boss at the parking lot. boss and i took salekhan around kl to see the nightlife. i went home at about 8am. huh…what a night…the photos of me at aim 2004 will be posted soon on my photo album. i didn’t bring my digital camera that night. i just have to wait until the film developed.

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    i got nothing to post today. no idea. blank. this is because of not enough sleeping for 3 days set up a freebsd machine for the first time (damn yousee amd-k6!). i’ll tell this later. for now, i gave you what i found on the net. porn was fun, entertaining and educating but there are many things out there in the net besides porn. no shit…

    see the pictures by clicking…

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    nothing interesting happened today. went to mru with boss today and setup a server using freebsd. my first attempt. wow…but the tiring part was updating the software and ports. lama betul.

    anyway, do you look at other people when urinate at an urinal?

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    still lazy to update this thing. i went to petaling street project lately, reading and looking other people blogs. most of them have a cool design and wrote nicely. it’s fun reading their blog. anywhoo, i have a mid term test today. the fun thing is, i study 30 minutes with my posse before the test at a stall near my college. having rojak mee and cendol pulut while studying was fun. lama tak makan cendol pulut. well, hope i aced this test. on my way back, i found this thing. i thought this was mine…ahehe :cool:

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    give some, get some

    hurrey, my first badwords comment on this website (look at the shout section on the right). this means, there are actually people who don’t like me (well, duhh!). it won’t do any harm though because for me, leaving a badwords without leaving your actual name, contact number or whatever is a coward. why shy? erm…on other note, i finally bought a switch at pc fair for my home network. hooray. anyway, i’m thinking of updating my blog today…err, ah, screw that. i’m lazy. look at what i found on the web:

    sarah michelle gellar topless on tv (video download link disabled)

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    a class were made not to be attended

    i have a nine o’clock class on thursday. it’s hard to wake up early in the morning although it’s been 2 weeks since the college started. my lecturer must be pissed off. anywhoo, i’ll try to make amends by attending her class from now on. oh not to forget, score high marks in her test…:roll:

    i’m currently busy with project & updating the malaynet server. what a mess…

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    what should i say?

    i prefer not to say anything if someone comments on me, my life or my blog. just shut my mouth, and continue my life. but since i got a staight to the face comment and i felt a bit jolly today (that’s means a fucked up day), i would like to wrote some of it here. my site generated quite a visitor (takde la banyak sangat pun). some of them were from countries like italy, us, uk, sweden etc. some of them were a regular visitor. well THANKS everyone for supporting me, visit my website and don’t mind taking some of your time reading my crap stories.

    the above picture is my site’s statistic. it’s kinda small, so look carefully (if you want to know whats in there). erm… back to the story, my friend has done a good job on promoting my site. linking me on his site, telling his messenger buddies and e-mail my site to a, get this, a lecturer. yes, a lecturer. on my class today, while partly listening to a lecturer, she told my friend that the website he e-mail her is crap because it is full of sucks and fucks or in other words, badwords, obscenities, kata-kata lucah and so on. well, what to do…

    a personal website means that a website full of information on the owner. what he/she wrote/put in it is up to him/her. on many branches of personal website, i choose the blog type. why? because i like to write eventhough i’m suck at it. a blog in my own definition is a stories/experience/history of my life and what i found it it. they may be on a picture, links to other website or whatever possible. so, it could be anything. the visitor may saw that sometimes i swear in my blog. can’t help it. there’s probably many ways to describe something without swearing. but i choose not to. blog is how i express/describe my self, my feelings or even my cat. i’m sorry if on anyway i’ve offended any visitor with my swearing and they instantly felt a bit uncomfortable in my blog. it’s up to you if you want to come back here or not. erm…so that’s it, my reason for swearing in a blog…for now. to my regular visitor, thanks for supporting me and thanks for keep reading. to the new visitor, welcome to my site and for those who hate me and don’t like my style of writing, you can see a picture/icon of an old woman on the right side of my blog…

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    last night, i drove my dad to the clinic. while we were there, i saw this note hanging on the medicine counter. it says:

    HARAP MAKLUM : Penyiaran TV & radio tidak dapat diadakan ekoran daripada tuntutan bayaran hakcipta dari PPM (Phonographic Performance Malaysia) dan MACP (Music Authors’ Copyright Protection)

    i was stunned with this note. now, all clinic can’t switch on their tv or radio for the customer eh? yeah, probably clinic is a public area, but come on lah macp, a clinic? if they want to collect royalty from hypermarket or tapak pesta that play a music on their premises or whatever is okay but to demand from clinic to pay is a bit too much man. not all clinic can afford to pay. melampau sungguh…what say you?

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    dsa expo 2004

    i wasn’t doing anything on sunday, so i followed my dad to his exhibition booth at dsa expo 2004 (defence services asia). my dad need some help designing and decorating his booth. the security was tight, it’s like we were entering an army base. even to get the security pass, i had to wait about 20 minutes. but nevermind that. the things they exhibit there was awesome. tanks, artilery, airplane, helicopters, guns…man, it’s like a major arms sale. the only thing that suck is the food price. mahal sangat. i was interested on the glock booth. the weapons they show are nice. i’m thinking of taking a firearms licence and buy myself a glock. this things are cool. they can even shoot underwater. my dad’s company produce rubber material for atm’s tank (adnan) and uniforms for the army. after spending about 3 hours designing (the part where i had to put together a mannequin were fun), my dad and i wander around the place looking at these awesome army things like tanks and stuff. funny thing is, i can’t find the scomi booth, where i can took some pictures of the uranium shells or nuclear warhead…:mrgreen:

    see my picture at the dsa expo 2004 here.

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