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a path to darkness

this article has been deleted because of:

  • somebody force me to do it.
  • someone warned, harass and black mail me.
  • worried about my family & my security.
  • don’t like the idea of this site being shut downed by the authorities.
  • yeah, what to do. with a simple touch, someone can kill other people creativity and freedom of speech. anyway, i’ll find other interesting article and post it here when i have the time hoping it won’t create a problem (aah…who am i kidding). now i’m busy with my finals. thanks for supporting!

    [edited by the owner at may, 10 2004, 8:16am]

    One Comment

    1. mel
      mel 7.5.2004

      i so much agree with the point you raised here. but it doesn’t actually stop here doesn’t it aye. makes me wonder why ppl go through the hassle of making themselves look religious in the first place cos at the same time couldn’t give a damn bout it.. *wonders*

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