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aim 2004

uhh…thought of writing about the freebsd server i set up but that can wait. hell yeah, i went to this year AIM. how cool is that? before this i see this event only on tv but now i can see it live. my friend salekhan called me one day asking me would i like to see the AIM. and i reply, yeah, why not. salekhan was cool. before this, he got a free ticket to see blue and he asked me. although i’m not a big fan of that group, but to get a backstage pass to see an international artist, why not? the show started at 8:30pm but we had to get there before 7:15pm for seating. when arrived at pwtc, there are already people lined up to see the artists. we hang around at the mall because salekhan wants to see dayang nurfaezah there. at 7pm, we entered the dewan merdeka. luckily our seat was not that far from the stage. before the show started, as usual, there were a audience manager that tell us when to clap, how to clap and even give some of the audience posters to cheer the artist. before the show started, apek senario, kuman and yasin aku kaya make some joke by telling the audience the ‘rules & regulations of aim 2004’ such as switcing off the handphone, etc. they were also making some jokes during commercial break to lighten up the audience since we sit there for about 3 hours. the show kicked off with the performance of the group Search . this award show, was ok lah considering this is my first award shindig. not so good and not so bad either. sedang-sedang. my favourite was when rockers from the group May, Wings and Lefthanded perform a slow rock song. that was awesome. anyway, as usual, siti nurhaliza wins the best pop artist again. and there were a LOT of ning baizura fans that night. after the show, salekhan wants to go artist hunting. basicly he wants to take photos with them. i tell you this, going artist hunting was not fun. i shit you not. my brain started to scream for somebody to kill me. but because i went there because of salekhan, so i went instead. he managed to took some photos with hans issac, ning baizura, afdlin shauki and others. after doing that stuff, we went to see boss at the parking lot. boss and i took salekhan around kl to see the nightlife. i went home at about 8am. huh…what a night…the photos of me at aim 2004 will be posted soon on my photo album. i didn’t bring my digital camera that night. i just have to wait until the film developed.

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