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dsa expo 2004

i wasn’t doing anything on sunday, so i followed my dad to his exhibition booth at dsa expo 2004 (defence services asia). my dad need some help designing and decorating his booth. the security was tight, it’s like we were entering an army base. even to get the security pass, i had to wait about 20 minutes. but nevermind that. the things they exhibit there was awesome. tanks, artilery, airplane, helicopters, guns…man, it’s like a major arms sale. the only thing that suck is the food price. mahal sangat. i was interested on the glock booth. the weapons they show are nice. i’m thinking of taking a firearms licence and buy myself a glock. this things are cool. they can even shoot underwater. my dad’s company produce rubber material for atm’s tank (adnan) and uniforms for the army. after spending about 3 hours designing (the part where i had to put together a mannequin were fun), my dad and i wander around the place looking at these awesome army things like tanks and stuff. funny thing is, i can’t find the scomi booth, where i can took some pictures of the uranium shells or nuclear warhead…:mrgreen:

see my picture at the dsa expo 2004 here.

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