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Month: May 2004

ma! it is me on the newspaper

a couple of weeks ago, the star newspaper has contacted me asking about the blog life of a malaysian student. did i mention this earlier in my blog? anywhoo, this website was featured in the star newspaper today on the education section. it’s titled ‘when life’s an open blog’. you can see the article here or you can just buy the star newspaper. thanks a bunch to jamie khoo of the star.

on other note, today i will be in kuala pilah, negeri sembilan doing some IT works such as data entry, website and results updates, etc. for the malaysian rugby union during the sukma x 2004. last time i went there for a mock run, sukma people tells me that they have a superb internet connection (tm direct – speed up to 2mbps) for me to do the works. i hope they don’t suck on the match day because lately they are (well, you know…telekom). i’ll find a time to update my blog. probably i even give you all some pictures or videos or even updates of the sukma x 2004.

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girls can be a jackass too

i was at sungai wang to get my sister’s car. she was involved in a small accident and my sister are currently freaked out. so, tomorrow probably i’ll have to take the car to workshop for some body work. anybody here have a workshop that can do a body work for a low price? i’ll advertise your shop here…hehe :-D

i was very hungry at the time. so, i went to my friends restaurant for a dinner plus he want to belanja. after finishing the meal, i felt guilty not having to pay for the food. so, i volunteer to take the customer order. there were a group of girls just arrived. armed with a paper and a pen, i walk to their table. after ordering, they asked me with some obnoxious question. they even asked me what are the specialties here. duhh, can’t they read the menu? it’s clearly written. rasa macam nak kasi pelempang. anywhoo, i just stare them for a moment, left to the kitchen and then went home to write this blog. hahaha. yeah, girls too can be a jackass. even worse than a boy.

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i live in a community where the majority are malay. it’s fun because we knew each other along the road where i live. last month, we even have a family day just for the people living along the road i live and it was a blast. the people there are caring about each other. they helped each other for example like kenduri or such. i’m not saying that other community or multi-racial community are not fun or not like mine. most of the community in malaysia are like mine, they socialize and caring about other people. besides kl, i have a apartment at bayan baru, penang. here, we don’t mingle that much like in kl, oh and it’s a multi-racial community. most of the time, we spent the time in the house. when we had to go out, the we just wave our hand and say hi to the neighbour. probably because it is an apartment and it’s hard to socialize with the neighbour. but it is not a reason not to socialize with neighbour whether we live in a bungalow, flat or whatever. maybe i should take a move in socializing with my neighbour at penang. back to the story at kl, although the neighbours looked for each other, they had this one thing. they kinda not respecting each other. this statement probably not true and i’m just ranting but last night, there were some people using the dewan serbaguna (that was seldomly used by umno cawangan at my place like it’s their dewan although it is a multi-purpose hall) at my house. they were doing a barbeque or gathering or whatever there. the problem is, they parked their cars everywhere, blocked the road and give some hard time for people to went out. as usual, i was mad. i just sabar and made me believe that these people were an outsider who don’t know the rules here and how to respect other people. i mean, come on. do whatever you want to do, but don’t susahkan other people. besides this, sometimes there are some inconsiderate people who parked their cars in front of my house and blocked my path. even after honking several times, they just ignored it and won’t move their car. i had to went inside their house and asked them to move their car. my rage is still in the medium level, so, it’s lucky that i don’t ran amok with a parang or something.

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girls and porno movie

urgh…i was locked out from my house today. i didn’t bring my key when i went out, so i had to wait for my mother to come home, that about 2 hours later. it really suck having to sit and wait in front of the house like a jackass. it’s hot and boring…argh…

somebody i barely knew on the net just send me a package of vcd. weird though, we just knew for couple of weeks and then he send me a vcd which contains an ‘edisi siasat’ kinda movie. it have an explicit images and not suitable for kids or to cut the crap, it is sort of a porno movie. of course i watched it a little 8-). then a day or two, other somebody i barely knew on the net kept bugging me to send the vcd to her. yes, it’s a girl. it seems the guy who send the vcd to me told her that i have a copy of the vcd. she just claim that she was bored and wanted to see the vcd. hell yeah i’m shocked because i am an old fashion guy. but then, what the hell. she even asked me to go to her house and send it to her. i didn’t send to her yet. man, i don’t know. significant event can lead to other significant event. playing with fire is dangerous. what should i do?


gas lid

last night, the relatives decided to have a small gathering at 12am. besides that, somebody i barely knew asked me to went dinner with her at about 8pm. that day was not a productive day for me, so i am lazy to went dinner with her since her place is at bukit antarabangsa, there are still traffic jam and i had to pick her up at her place. she kept called me asking if i am going and with the slow voice like that, i felt sorry for her (uh…) and went to her place with shimi as my guardian. halfway to her house, my sister called me that the gathering was pulled up to 9pm because they have booked a movie ticket. so, with my sexy voice (yeahh…) i called her back and have the dinner cancelled. she sounds…unhappy, i think. but nevermind that, because the family goes first.

on the family gathering, we went to see shrek 2. man, this story if fuckin hillarious. i seriously recommend you guys to see it eventhough many times. you’ll never get sick of it. we went to kampung baru after that for a dinner. a really embarassing moment happened there. while we were waiting for the drinks to come, my relatives cancelled the order and walked away. i saw some people talking, and the owner of the shop, of course pissed but unnoticeable. well, what do they expect, the place is not happenning at all. just gloom and dark. we just went to telawi instead. this morning, my sister asked me to send her to her workplace instead of sending her to lrt station. because of i am driving her new car, i had to follow her instruction. when we stopped for a gas, while my sister pays for the gas, i was dumbfucked in the car searching for the gas lid opener. i’ve drive kelisas before this but probably i just forget where is the damn gas lid opener. it took me about 20 minutes before realizing that it was beside the handbrake. shit.

i was watching the movies preview last night and can you guess the movie title ‘the day after tommorrow’ when translated to bahasa melayu? it’s ‘lusa’. ha ha…

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pulangkan – misha omar & ezad

Seharum bunga yang menggoda
Sekadar di pandang usah di puja
Kau pasti tak percaya
Kasihku bukan untukmu sayang

Tiadaku sangka kau sungguh kejam
Kau rampas segala yang engkau dendam
Namun takkan bahgia kehidupanmu
Bila bunyi bersatu
Kau milikku

Pulangkan cinta hatiku
Oh hentikanlah menghantuiku
Oh pulangkanlah padaku

Ku pulangkan kisah hidupmu
Yang dikau musnah tanpa relaku
Bebaskanlah maafkan daku oh kasih

Tiada kemaafan di sini
Kau ragut degupan hatiku ini
Akanku jejakimu
Ke mana jua
Hingga akhir masa, sayang…

(download link disabled) © Ajai, Habsah Hassan & Shuhaimi Baba

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kedai makan

last night azlan wanted to went out with me. i took him jalan-jalan around kl, cuci mata and then we hang out at uptown and borak-borak. when i want to go home, we got some problem. he didn’t know how to go to federal highway from my house. so, i had to show the route by having him tailgate my car but after we had a drink at nz. i was very sleepy that i almost crashed my car into a divider two times. ish ish…

after picking up my sister at her workplace, she kept bugging me to belanja her kuey teow goreng. so we went to this kedai makan near my house. the food here is okay but here’s a thing, there’s one worker there kept staring at me while i’m eating. that’s creepy dude. i look at my shirt if i got a stain or snot coming out from my nose, but i’m clean, mucus free. i can’t even enjoy my food. when i go to the counter to pay, she even asked some private question. i didn’t answer it though, just stare her with my strange look. i think it is inappropriate to start a friendly chat with a stranger by asking a personal question. there should be a rule that stranger can’t ask such question to other stranger. tanya lah apa khabar ke, apa ke. luckily the one that asking is a chick. if it is some guy, heads are gonna roll…

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seremban revisited

seremban road trip & other photos…

ah, the school days. i remember, no wait, i don’t remember it clearly but it is great to be in the school although when i were at school, i badly wanted to finish school and went to university. there are many memories when i were studying in seremban at sekolah dato’ abdul razak.

last tuesday, shimi and i have some works to do at sekolah tunku muhammad in kuala pilah. at first, i suggest that we take my car but then, shit happens and we took shimi’s car and went there but of course, i had to drive all the way there. journey to kuala pilah is…erm, tiring. the roads from seremban to ulu bendol is like, berpusing-pusing like driving to cameron. felt a bit dizzy afterwards. when we arrived at kuala pilah, we were lost due to some misunderstanding but after asking the locals, we arrived at the school.

after our work are done, we agreed to visit our old school in sikamat. as some of you knew that sekolah dato’ abdul razak (sdar) has moved to a new place and the old place has been turned into sekolah menengah sains seremban (saser). we started our journey first by visiting seri menanti. i always wanted to see the istana sultan. after taking much photo there, we head to sdar. by ‘goreng’ something at the guard post, we finally got in. many of the things that describe sdar has gone like the statue in front of administration block, the trees, etc. it became…ugly. it’s sad actually.

we began our tour by visiting the musalla and then looking at the ‘fly’ route at the back. it’s been sealed tight. i guess the student there have to try hard. the canteen closed early so we had to tahan lapar. next, we look at the pavillion and the school field. they are still the same. the dormitory looks the same but have painted it with different color. after looking around there, we went to see en. halim who in my schooling days, he was my HEM. he’s still the hem here. while we were at his room, rehashing the past, we managed to promote our batch website. he he. he was kinda shock to learn that some of our 959’ers was even married. after visiting en. halim, we went to see miss hasni but she was still in a meeting. so we went to dining hall and my old room. they have tiled the dormitory floor. wow. the ‘fly’ route behind the dining hall was still there.

we went to see miss hasni afterwards. rehashing the old days, telling the stories of our batch members and telling her what are we up to nowdays. she’s also shock to learned that some of our batch members was married and some even has kids. after that, we went to megaway which now has been developed. i was told that the cendol place here has moved to somewhere else. then we went to the town. seremban is like, still the same but with some enhancement, especially terminal 1. the building beside terminal 1 is still under construction, the school area in front of kelab melayu building that they wanted to turned into a shopping complex now has turned into a big lake, there are now a karaoke box at terminal 1, wisma punca emas is still the same and hotel tong fong also looks the same. shops like shiok, high 5, popular, kodai sopan are still here.

now i remembered on my school days when i used to lepak at terminal 1 with my friends, round around seremban, by foot, go to the movies, see the ld (laser disc dude!), playing arcade games and many more. yeah, the good old days. i miss it very much. if only we could turned back the time…

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what is your problem?

yesterday was a very not productive day for me. i just sleep from day to night. just woke up couple of times to take a piss, eat and getting the mail. it’s probably because my exams are over, so pretty much i can do whatever i want to do with my time.

i think, selling someone information are a common things nowdays. tak heranlah if i got a letter from some idiots in spain claiming i have just won half a million of us dollar. in the old days, i even got an e-mail which inside someone who claims her name is emma and got to know me from some club in kl. she even knows my car plate number and telephone number. that’s scary. when things like this happens, i like to think of it as someone is doing a cruel joke on me. anyway, what you give you get back you stupid prankster bastard.

but hey, it happened again. last night i got an e-mail. inside, there are someone who claims she knew me from some club in kl (a club again?). she also claim of knowing my phone number and of course the car plate number. surprisingly all these idiots stalker don’t know where i live. that’s a good thing. living on a remote area in kl does has its benefits. it’s freaky to have somebody doing a stake out at your place. probably someone have been selling my information to some psycho he/she met. mainly for revenge as i have some share of somebody tak puas hati on my days at uitm. nevermind lah as these idiots only seek a attention. if you ignore them, then they will be bored and stop doing it. but if things get ugly, i have to do something. about my past stalker exprience, i’ll tell it here and even attach the e-mail messages some day.

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malaysia is on shortage of stars?

warning: this article was written by a guy who knows nothing about music. some of things he say may not be true or ermm…bullshit…haha

i’m not an entertainment industry buzz. in fact, i don’t care less about the industry. i’m much the need to know basis kind of guy if its come to entertainment. but last night, after watching some tv, being stoned and have a big headache, i realized and noticed that malaysia is on a draught. our country have a shortage of stars apparently. there were soo many talent show nowdays. talent show is like a plague. they are everywhere. it is like the reality show but the contestant dosen’t have to lie, backstab or form an alliances…i guess…

when i was still schooling, i remember that there are some talent show in school put up by the teachers for finding who’s the talent person in the school. hey, i’m not that talent so i stay away from things like this. ha ha. some of my relatives told me that he once joined the bintang rtm and became a backup dancer for rtm. that’s quite good. they are some really talented people, some needs a polishing and some…not…that talent at all or nowdays those william hung wannabe say it as “i don’t have any professional training at all“.

talent search in malaysia began on 1959 where it was named bintang radio (tak glemer lah nama). they improved the show, step by step and finally debuted on tv on 1964. there were also other talent show called bakat tv at that time. when rtm was formed on 1969, bintang rtm also was born. during the production years (1974-1986), bintang rtm produce a lot of stars. some of them were the late sudirman, jamal abdillah, ramlah ram and others. on 1986, they reformat it and it became a talent show with many names such as suara 90’an, teen star and bintang hmi which generates stars like nora, liza hanim, dayang nurfaezah and of course the famous siti nurhaliza and misha omar. it’s safe to say that many of our malaysian artist out there get their kick start in music business by joining the rtm talent show.

when we are nearing the millennium, tv3 came out with their own brand talent show called sinaran passport kegemilangan. it was an instant hit with the tv viewers on all age. sticking their asses in front of tv every sunday afternoon. but, strangely, i don’t see any stars produced on this show. just those guys from senario which was a phenomenon but lasted for about 3-5 years. then some of them parted from that group due to some irreconcilables and formed the aku kaya group. now the show has been cancelled…i guess. last year, there are some talent show emerge, show such as who will win on ntv7 where contestant were given a 10 minutes or so to karaoke. then they judge the winner. of course not to forget the akademi fantasia, a show that some 20 student will be chosen to entered the akademi and every week, they have a concert contest and they booted one student out. it airs on astro. then it became another instant a hit where many of our teenagers and even the old people watch the tv every saturday night, seeing who will be booted off the school.

this year, there are many more to come. the audition which is on ntv7, akademi fantasia season 2 and malaysian idol on 8tv, a show that based on american idol. i wonder who will be the simon cowell of malaysia.

while all these talent show are good for the music industries, which of course produce more stars, it has some ‘keburukan’ in it. last month i saw in a newspaper that some of the akademi fantasia ex-student complains that they were abandoned by the management. i have some say to that ex-student. “wake up lah. being in the music business is not easy. once you have a name in the industry, try to use it wisely. take a look at the other student. they know what to do. bukanla sit there and gigit jari waiting for the management to jaga them and jual their name all the time. (this statement is done without knowing all the facts. but hey, i don’t give a damn)”

but seriously, they should make a talent show where people can write and play their own music. reducing manufactured stars and creating more real talented stars. they also should start a talent show which is not populated by the malays. other race want to enter the talent show and become a star also. the underground music scene which all of the artists write and play their own music needs recognition and more people to buy their album. from my opinion, english artists like flop poppy or butterfingers has to sing in malay to get recognition and more malay people to buy their album. from underground to mainstream. what’s wrong with the malays?

in the end, my opinion is that, such talent show should be reduced. we are already producing many artists. and some if them i even never heard of. there are too many cocky artists who don’t know how to write a song or sing nowdays. plus, the management can’t manage them all the time. so, kesian la the less talented one terbiar and only the strong succeed. tapi, semua nak cari makan juga. they should take care one another. so the industry will have some integrity, be prosperous and recognised in the eyes of the world.

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