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Month: July 2004

surti dan tejo – jamrud

Surti remaja anak bapak kades
Dan si Tejo jejaka baru aja mudik
Berdua saling mencinta sejak lulus SD
Hingga kini beranjak gede

Surti sumringah arjunanya pulang
Tiga tahun berpisah nyari dana di kota
mereka melepas rindu di pematang sawah
Hingga malam selimuti desa

Jemari Tejo mulai piknik dari wajah sampai lutut Surti
Tanpa sadar sarung mereka pun jadi alas
Mirip Demo memasak
Tejo mulai berakting di depan Surti
Masang alat kontrasepsi

Surti menjerit serentak menutup matanya
Surti menangis, kecewa, arjuna berubah

Hilang Tejo yang dulu ngampung,
Dekil, Lugu, tapi Surti suka
Berganti Tejo yang gaul, yang funky
yang doyan ngucapin “Ember!”

Surti berlari kayak orang kesurupan
Dan si Tejo ngelamun menahan konaknya
Diacungkan jari tengah ke arah Surti
Penuh dendam dia bilang, “F*** you!”

© Jamrud.

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uh…got nothing to bitch today. i just encounter this big car but probably the driver has small dick who drive like a fucking a-hole. tensen sikit. oh and on my class today, i noticed one of my classmate wear this t-shirt written ‘porn star’ at the back. maybe, probably that it the latest fashion or whatever because i don’t really know today kids fashion (usually i don’t give a fuck) but dude, hello? dah terang-terang baju tu tulis porn star, tapi dengan tak malunya pakai. perempuan, pakai tudung pulak tu. bebudak sekarang beli baju gitu-gitu aje ke? ish ish…nak sound karang, kata busy body…huh huh…

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sdara run 2004

calling out all ex-sekolah dato’ abdul razak who came to this site to join the sdara run 2004, especially the sdarians 959. basically the event will be held on the 20th and 21st of august, which will feature a 180km run / jog from tanjung malim to the new campus at sungai gadut. we will need 90 volunteers to do the 280km run, therefore each will have to run an average of 2 km. datuk salamon selamat, najib tun razak, etc. are amongst the vip invited for the event. apart from that, they are selling promotional items like sdara t-shirt, caps, car sticker, etc. to collect some funds for the event. however, you are also welcome to make a donation for the event by cash / bank transaction. further information can be obtained from liutenant colonel (rtd.) dr. abdul razak which can be contacted at 019-3742040. please tell this news to other sdarians you know. thanks!

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do you hate monday?

i just got back from negeri sembilan last night. i was there because shimi and i were selected to be one of the technical for ns royal 7. the event took 2 days. we were there since thursday, staying in some cheap hotels (i think, people come to this hotel just to *konkek). we were just busy on the first day, doing some input and output of the match result. the rest of the day, we just chillin. we also got to have dinner at this grand hotel where they serve chinese food menu. kenyang gile. sadly, there were a lack of hot chicks at the hotel or the padang ragbi. go to meet some of our sdarians friends there, samba, go and syafiq. upon arriving at my home, i went to the bed and crash. phew, tired lah.

today is monday. i feel lazy to go to class and thinking of taking a mc, but i have a mid term for my visual basic paper today. cuak gak. the question are easy but kinda confusing. hope i aced it.

* konkek = go figure this sentence yourself

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when travelling, i prefer to use the road. not because that i fear of other modes of transportaion, but with the road, it’s actually entertaining. we got to see the view, have pit stops to eat, etc. the only thing that suck is that it took a very long time to arrive at the destination. last week i get to fly with air asia from penang to kuala lumpur. it was a while since i fly. the last time i think was when i went to indonesia for a holiday. this ais asia was okay lah. seeing the view of malaysia from 16,000 feet was…wow, beautiful and erm…the cute stewardess. i brought my video camera but i didn’t do those pramugara terlampau lah ho ho ho. after touchdown at klia, i went straight to mru to help shimi do his work. after that i had to lepak at um because i forgot my house key and have to wait for my sister to come back from her workplace. sedih tak dapat masuk rumah. when i finally can enter the house, i was shocked that the car bumper was broken and the car boot was dented. apparently while i was away at penang, my sister drove the car and has gotten herself into an accident. with a lamp post or whatever. this sucks, really. i have go to was forced to clean this mess up all by myself, which of course, sucks.

i will be at seremban doing some work for malaysian royal sevens with malaysian rugby union. see the info at or come to seremban and see it for yourself. so, no updates here for about, erm…2 days?

note: i have been checking my web stats and found out that some of the people came here because they wanted to download the misha omar’s pulangkan mp3. so, not to dissapoint these people, i’ve uploaded the mp3 on my server and these people can download it. but, read the disclaimer, delete the mp3 after 30 days, buy the original album if you like that song and erm…i don’t support piracy. he he he…

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i have a sorethroat. no mood to talk or having some sort of oral conversation. luckily i was able to dodge all kinds of discussion, meetings, work group, etc. but last thursday, i was at my friends place doing some work and his friend (jgn marah aaa) talk and asked me too much. the conversation varies from computers to personal issue. there are barely/no voice coming out from my mouth be he kept asking and asking. i was like, “what the fuck dude, can’t you see hear i have no fucking voice?” but then, what to do. i didn’t say those words to his face though. i was thinking of not answering his question and just nod for whatever he says. but that’ll would be rude because he gave me ‘something’ that day. nevermind lah.

i am writing this entry at penang. went here last night with mom since i have a long weekend. thinking of changing air, my atmosphere plus i can hangout with dad. kl nowdays has become crowded and dusty. erm…oklah. till then…

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reverse dns dan mid term

slimer, sasa dan galeri

uh…mid term aku dah start la. koh koh koh. lepas mid term, ada cuti seminggu. last week sampai dua orang tetamu datang rumah aku. memula nasri datang kl jalan-jalan buat road trip dia. tension dengan result exam katanya. disebabkan aku dengan boss dan bersara clubbing, jadi aku bawak dia jalan-jalan tempat baik aje lah. pergi tengok spiderman 2, pastu bawak dia pergi nokia starlight cinema, makan roti tisu panjang nak mampus dan macam-macam lagi lah. tapi kalau dah datang rumah aku, tak sah la kalau tak merasa kehebatan broadband rumah aku…kah kah kah. habis semua bende nasri try. dari home network sampai bluetooth. nasib baik wireless tak pasang lagi. cumanya aku tak sempat nak angkut dia pergi shah alam jumpa bebudak kat sana. manai pulak tak balik rumah. kerek syal. takpe le kot. pastu sedara aku datang dari uitm segamat. tak sempat nak bawak dia jalan-jalan kl. cuma pergi lepak kat kedai mamak pastu makan tom yam kat rumah aku. mungkin lain kali la kot. sori aa yek fadli.

petang tadi lepas kelas, aku lepak rumah member aku. dia beriye ajak makan kat rumah dia sebab dia nak masak. aku ingatkan mamat ni takde le hebat sangat memasak, rupanya hussler. peh. canggih betul member aku ni. disebabkan dia hussler, aku pun ajar le dia resepi sambal kentang ikan bilis aku. kenyak jugak le aku makan tadi. best rupanya kalau masak sendiri ni yek…hehe. lepas makan, layan cerita smallville season 3 final. sungguh tak diduga ending dia…hu hu.

baru-baru ni aku buat deal dengan telekom untuk dapatkan reverse dns majlis olimpik. tunggu dekat dua minggu baru tmnet nak balas e-mel aku. tapi agak berbaloi la menunggu sebab akhirnya diorang kasi aku kontrol reverse dns ip diorang. baru je petang tadi tmnet delegate nameserver ke ip. ha ha ha…sungguh best. habis le aku bereksperimen nanti…

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birthday siapa?

this is a blueberry cake

eh, the date is 8th of july. so it must be true that today is my birthday. he he he. getting old is not fun. especially when we are above 12 years old. tak boleh dapat diskaun kanak-kanak. he he he. but with getting old, we can do many stuff. boleh mengundi, boleh masuk disko (he he he). oh, plus we had our own responsibility now. good luck with that huh. so, happy 22nd birthday mr. mohd saiful azfar ismail. have a prosperous life, good luck and have fun! all the way…

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nokia starlight cinema

6 tickets X 2 = 12 people

uhh…last last week friday, i was at phileo damansara collecting my free tickets to the nokia starlight cinema. i got 6 tickets where one ticket can be used by two person. that means i can bring up to 12 people in. wow. sweet deal huh? before this, my sister had asked me if i wanted to go there for free (she got the citibank credit card and the owner can enter for free). but because of no free time, i had to decline the offer. now, with 6 tickets and free time…hmm…i’m thinking going there on 8th of july…he he he…

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king of the road

posting ni aku rasa dah lambat tulis kot, tapi dengan selambanya aku pusing balik tarikh blog ni. ha ha ha. jumaat lepas, mak, kakak dengan kakak sedara aku nak balik kuantan. aku teringin aje nak ikut, tapi malangnye aku ada kerja sikit kat kl ni ha. tengok le kalau senang, teringin gak aku pergi sana, makan mi kat planet kari. mmm…sedap. nak dijadikan cerita, masa nak hantar diorang ke puduraya, dah lambat. bas pukul 8:30pm, bertolak dari rumah pukul 7:30pm. peh, ligan aku dari rumah ke puduraya. dah le jalan jem macam palat. habis semua skill-skill driving (kononnye) aku keluarkan sebab nak kasi sampai. tapi tak sempat. lambat 5 minit je, bas dah berambus. kaunter transnasional kata boleh tahan kat tol gombak. aku pun apa lagi, speeding macam orang gile hantar diorang ke sana. ramai la kot yang menyumpah cara driving aku hari tu kot. tapi lantak lah. janji diorang sempat naik bas. tapi kalau driving cara gila ni tak boleh buat selalu-selalu. tak elok…hehe. balik rumah aku terus pengsan, penat.

hujung minggu aku kat kl ni aku sibuk buat assignment aje. vb lah, data com lah. pening kelapa parut kepala aku. sempat la jugak aku pergi shah alam, lepak dengan ustaz kat cc dia tuh. kesian dia kena dera, aku mintak buatkan vb aku. keh keh keh…boleh tahan cc tuh, pakai streamyx sdsl. apai yang setup server routing kat situ. tapi aku tengok cam tak power je. ada error sana sini. ustaz aku lagi terror kot, selamba aje setting 2 ketul server untuk satu bangunan besar (ayat untuk mengipas member). aku ingat nak datang waktu pagi shah alam ni, boleh jalan tengok-tengok, ambik gambar, etc. tapi disebabkan keadaan dan pemandangan masih sama dan aku tak nak terserempak dengan ‘X’ atau geng-gengnya yang lain, aku datang le malam. lagi best kot? ha ha ha…baki-baki hujung minggu aku ni, aku lepak dengan ayah aku. jalan-jalan, belanja dia makan, etc. lama dah tak lepak dengan ayah aku. aku ingatkan nak belanja time fathers day haritu, tapi tak sempat sebab ayah aku busy. kalau ada masa terluang lagi, teringin gak aku pergi penang lepak dengan ayah aku kat sana…

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