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birthday siapa?

this is a blueberry cake

eh, the date is 8th of july. so it must be true that today is my birthday. he he he. getting old is not fun. especially when we are above 12 years old. tak boleh dapat diskaun kanak-kanak. he he he. but with getting old, we can do many stuff. boleh mengundi, boleh masuk disko (he he he). oh, plus we had our own responsibility now. good luck with that huh. so, happy 22nd birthday mr. mohd saiful azfar ismail. have a prosperous life, good luck and have fun! all the way…

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  1. angel
    angel 14.7.2004

    happy belated bird day, cancerian! most cancers i know r nice, frendly, soft-spoken, very understanding, sensetive to the surroundings and mostly fun to be with. HAVE A GOOD YEAR! :cheers:

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