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i have a sorethroat. no mood to talk or having some sort of oral conversation. luckily i was able to dodge all kinds of discussion, meetings, work group, etc. but last thursday, i was at my friends place doing some work and his friend (jgn marah aaa) talk and asked me too much. the conversation varies from computers to personal issue. there are barely/no voice coming out from my mouth be he kept asking and asking. i was like, “what the fuck dude, can’t you see hear i have no fucking voice?” but then, what to do. i didn’t say those words to his face though. i was thinking of not answering his question and just nod for whatever he says. but that’ll would be rude because he gave me ‘something’ that day. nevermind lah.

i am writing this entry at penang. went here last night with mom since i have a long weekend. thinking of changing air, my atmosphere plus i can hangout with dad. kl nowdays has become crowded and dusty. erm…oklah. till then…

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