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movie marathon ep. 2

i’m thinking of just sleeping today since i have no list of agenda today. on the afternoon, mom woke me up asking to accompany her to buy some curtains for home. while waiting for mom to select the curtains, she asked me to pick any curtains there for my room. well, i managed to find this not-so-queer curtains and immidiately pick it up. then suddenly i got this idea of watching movie, back to back. yeah, why not. after sending mom home, i went to megapavillion bukit jambul to buy tickets. thinking of using my brand new credit card dad gave me so i will look ‘cool’ when paying for the tickets. but when one ticket costs only rm5, what the hell dude, i’m paying by cash. much easier. i’m thinking of watching 3 movies in a row but since i already watched bourne supremacy on a pirate dvd no less, i choose ‘dodgeball’ and ‘sky captain and the world of tomorrow’ instead. no ‘cinta luar biasa’ for me though. hell no…

dodgeball – this movie is scheduled at 4:00pm. the story is about a guy (peter lafleur) and his friends, compete in a dodgeball tournament to save their cherished local gym from the onslaught of a corporate health fitness chain. this movie, erm…quite ok la, although the story plot kinda hancur. 3/5 rating. ben stiller is funny but not hillarious enough. official movie site :

sky captain and the world of tomorrow – this movie is scheduled at 7:30pm. set around new york city 1939, the story centers on a reporter who notices that the world’s scientists are disappearing. teamed with a skilled pilot and an adventurous colleague, it’s up to them to thwart the plans of a mad scientist bent on world domination. mmm…a movie done, retro style. action science fiction movie. so, 1930’s. sadly, there are too little scene by angelina jolie. i always love action movies but this one, erm…ok lah. can’t compete with star wars though. 3.5/5 rating. lot’s of witty & corny dialogue that can be used in picking up a chick (ha ha ha). having a robot kick ass. official movie site :

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