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up yours

sometimes you know it’s gonna be a crappy day from the moment you woke up. today is one of those days. well, i’ve been busy with assignments and projects what not. plus, i’m already late for my morning class which started an hour ago. my philosophy in attending class is simple. no matter what the time is, i must enter the class even there’s only 5 minutes left. that’s to sign the attendance. if it is below 5 minutes, i’ll never enter that class for that day. so, i arrived at the college parking lot, not knowing something has changed. i sms’ed my friend to find out if there’s an exchange of class. he said all fine and i should enter the class. well, upon entering, i was snubbed by the lecturer and laughed at by my fucking idiot classmates. it seems that the class has already ended 2 minutes ago. ugh…it is a disaster. a humiliation. i was so pissed of at my friend i just left the class and went home to cool off so i won’t hit somebody that day. a great day to start. late and being laugh at.

i’m still have this rage thing going on and it seems going from bad to worse. aromatheraphy, councelling, massages seems didn’t do shit. scolding and calling a parking cashier girl a ‘bitch’ because doing her work like a tortoise won’t do either (kesian dia). i must find someting to curb this anger thing. maybe find a girlfriend or whatever. i’ve started a new hobby yesterday and it is photography. photography can gave me relaxation and something to do besides sleeping keeping my hands occupied. idle hands are the devil’s playground. i already bought a digital camera yesterday and now started to experiment, taking photos everywhere. check out my picture gallery under the ‘photography’ section. i’m still a novice, so give me a break.

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