i had mid term today. the subject? data struct. very hard since i didn’t attend some class. he he. i thought i aced the test. well, we’ll just see the result later. i actually comfort using c++ with data struct rather than c. with c++, the language is much more easier and understandable. ugh…

on afternoon, went to melaka with mom to send my old pc to my sister in mmu. she always nagging for a pc to do her assignment when she came home. now, just look the joy in her face. huh, belaja baik-baik aaa…jangan main komputer je.

2 thoughts on “away

  1. Aaaaaa..Data Structure. Aaaa payah memang payah. Tapi tak kisah lah because I always love things related wif C++. Nasib baik, my lecturer-always said things like “its ok,its ok, i u dont want it in the exam then it wouldnt” or “you can choose what topic u want in the exam” but still, our first quiz last week… err majority got 3/10, honestly.

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