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pc fair is back. the 3rd time this year. i went there the first day with mel. we just walk around to survey the price. i buy some blank cds and an usb hub for my notebook. it’s crowded back there at my laptop. actually i wanted to buy a new thumbdrive for dad and a sd card for my digital camera. so, i went there the second day with mom and ended with buying a new computer for the house. i choose a pentium 4 processor and ati radeon graphic card this time (i use amd athlon and nvidia graphic card before this). the third day, i went there with shimi. he badly wanted to buy a thumbdrive with mp3 player and he finally got one there. there’s joy look in his face when he started to use his new ‘toy’. well, happy exploring my friend.

i finally finished installing program on my new pc after 2 days. phew. very exhausting. deciding to put what program in there, updating, etc. plus, i forgot where i put some of my file in the old hard disk. after doing some short thinking, damn the files and i just format my old hard drive anyway and use it as a secondary to store my video collection and other stuff. okay, got some burn testing to do. later.

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