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my IPO

i just got into this stock broker world. it’s kinda…uh…fun. dreaming and having a fantasy. by the way, anyone wanna buy my blog shares? :grin:

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* UPDATE 22/12/04:
i’m having some problems with my backup server.’s myloca cyberjaya is soooo stupid. i’m currently searching for another backup server that is 100 times better than previous one. it’ll be back online soon. meanwhile, some thing like picture gallery, pictures in some story are unavailable. sori aa…


  1. boiboi
    boiboi 29.12.2004

    hi did you find a better server or webhost? I’m thinking of hosting my site in They are located inside myloca in cyberjaya.

  2. azfar
    azfar 29.12.2004

    i don’t know much about mercumaya. they hosted many government sites…i think. as for’s myloca, they suck pretty much right now. of course, the bandwidth speed is out of the question lah and the price is quite okay for my wallet. not to kondem malaysia products but my backup server there constantly down because of power failure. they didn’t know what ‘ups’ means? i don’t know what happens now to my server and hard drive there. uh…enough ranting. by the way, try exabytes ( they are the best so far in quality, quantity and price (i think) or (the one i’m using right now). both of them use datacentre located in u.s. but of course, if money is not your problem, foreign companies such as or are much better than malaysian companies. okay, good luck in finding your host!

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