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hey, it’s the new year’s eve. ending for the 2004. this end of the year, i’m not planning to go anywhere. like those past year where i always searching for fun and joy and mostly ended with something that i don’t planned. i decided to have a quiet celebration at a special place with my friend. my resolutions last year? most of it has been accomplished (such as buying a new computer, a thumbdrive, breaking up with someone, just to name a few).

my ’05 resolutions:
1) do more work (e.g: completing some shit throwed at me)
2) be a good boy (yeah…)
3) eat more
4) get in touch with inner self
5) finding ‘nur’
6) keeping my hands occupied (no idling)
7) learn how to drive an airplane (cessna for starters)
8) be in the mpp, hopefully the president
9) find time for my photography work
10) drive carefully

that’s all i can think of as this time. it’ll be added automaticly as the year started. hopefully i achieved it all. okay ya’ll. happy new year 2005. good luck in the next year and god speed. i’m hoping for a more victorious year. thanks and see you all next year. ta!

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