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Year: 2004


pc fair is back. the 3rd time this year. i went there the first day with mel. we just walk around to survey the price. i buy some blank cds and an usb hub for my notebook. it’s crowded back there at my laptop. actually i wanted to buy a new thumbdrive for dad and a sd card for my digital camera. so, i went there the second day with mom and ended with buying a new computer for the house. i choose a pentium 4 processor and ati radeon graphic card this time (i use amd athlon and nvidia graphic card before this). the third day, i went there with shimi. he badly wanted to buy a thumbdrive with mp3 player and he finally got one there. there’s joy look in his face when he started to use his new ‘toy’. well, happy exploring my friend.

i finally finished installing program on my new pc after 2 days. phew. very exhausting. deciding to put what program in there, updating, etc. plus, i forgot where i put some of my file in the old hard disk. after doing some short thinking, damn the files and i just format my old hard drive anyway and use it as a secondary to store my video collection and other stuff. okay, got some burn testing to do. later.

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today’s class has been cancelled. they are doing open house and some award presentation at my college. mel have been asking me to come along so we can do some ‘networking’, ‘marketing’, eating and other stuff. i want to come, but then i decided not to come anyway.

mom make a nasi lemak today. i love nasi lemak. who dosen’t? mom make the sambal extra spicy today and phew, my mouth feel like want to burn since i put a handful of it and mixed it together with the rice. apparently i forgot mom already warned me about the sambal. ignorance is bliss indeed.

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i went to putrajaya last night. taking my relative from indonesia to see that place. it’s odd though. we live near some of the greatest place (according to tourist), but we never went there unless there somebody from other place come to visit. to be honest, i never been to the newly finished putrajaya city, looking at the convention centre, the bridge, ministry buildings, etc. probably because putrajaya is quite far from my place.

after that, we went to an ‘educational’ visit to angkasapuri and rtm portable studio. my uncle works there. so, we got to went there even at night. cool huh? it’s like a chance in a life time, looking at the cool gadgets inside the studio. with buttons and monitor everywhere. take a peek inside the portable studio. luckily i don’t have any class till next week so i don’t have to worry about waking up early (yeah right, as if i woke up early every morning).

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semi-productive day

whuttup. i forgot to post. so, i just write what i’ve been doing in the past 3 days. on friday, i was busy helping a friend settle his police report and some miscellaneous stuff. apparently his landlord decided to do something against the law. well my friend, the ball is now in your court. remember i’ll always support you in anything you do. the thing that went down that day is just the beginning. there will be more, mostly linking to that. be careful and good luck.

ocm new building has completed and shimi invited me to the opening ceremony the next day. so, as a favour to him, i went there and help him doing stuff. of course not to forget the ‘makan free’. got to see pak lah in person, taking photos of his signature and the classics, taking photos of him from far away using zoom. takut kena hambat dengan ‘sb’ dia, he he. tired of course especially when we had to lift this amplifier which i don’t know, maybe weigh 500kg down the stairs. my hands hurt. after that, i went to this ex-girlfriend fuza’s open house. actually i decided not to go since i don’t want to interrupt something or giving a false hope to someone but then, i changed my mind. she is always as lovely as usual. of course, she like to torment me by making me eat so many food. munching one after another. we talked a lot and flirt a lot but things are not like they were used to be. she did mention that her boyfriend didn’t come yet or never come (yeah, a good chance for me). i really want to meet her boyfriend though, to see what the competition might be. my best guess is, from doing some psychoanalysis, that the guy might be a mat rempit. which gives me an advantage. ha ha. after a silent moment, i decided to leave for my home but not before showing my charm in front of her parents. he he…

sunday? nothing much. attending a wedding and eat and going to an open house at shah alam and eat. later aaiight…

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err. . .

yes, that IS my thumbdrive

feel like a fucking idiot. if there were an award for the careless person, i might get it. seems that i already found my thumbdrive. it was hidden under my laundry. and i spent a whole day yesterday, thinking i was gonna lost it forever. well, sorry for the trouble (started to make copies of my thumbdrive in the hard drive).

nothing special happened today. just the usual, cursing other people and giving someone a nickname. ‘pointy horny tits’ was surely mad when we make fun of her and asked her to switch off her fucking handphone during class.

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hmm…sad day. after searching throughly, i finally make a conclusion that my thumbdrive has gone, forever. i love that thumbdrive since it was a gift from my dad plus i had a lot of important stuff stored there. probably i just buy a new one but of course it would never be the same. ah well…what to do…

i played bowling today after. first game since after the holidays. my game a bit rusty and the ‘aches’ in body parts such as back and neck suddenly came back. mel kicked my ass in the first round but i returned the favour in the second round although i doubt that he was just giving me a winning chance. oh did i forgot to tell that i managed to score with a chick at the bowling alley today? we were smoking (well, not me anyway) in the smoking room when this two ‘kinda’ hot chicks went into the bowling alley. we stared at them until they blush and we make some body language telling them we’re interested. of course, women, they instantly became shy and started to ‘jual mahal’, waving and throwing their hair, etc. we were close in getting them but there were one problem. the girls went out with their father or uncle or whatever. he’s kinda big though. ahh…if not it would be awesome to touch/caress/fondle those big and spongy thingy…mmm. nonetheless, it was fun doing that (staring at chicks) and i certainly wouldn’t mind doing that again someday if the moment were right and the chick factor is high. who knows, i might score big and get the a girl.

this is a yesterday story. it started pretty okay. i was early for class until i entered the class. the lecturer decided to do a suprise quiz. yeah, suprise indeed. i haven’t read a single thing. the image of 0 mark has already in my mind. i don’t mind that because it totally my fault. then theres this thing. after the lecturer has mark our paper, she called this fucker dude who i barely know and me to the front. she started to interrogate me and this fucker dude on who copy who. it seems that our answer was just the same. of course, i admit to her face and make eye contact that i don’t copy anybody especially that m*****fucker dude. suprisingly that fucker admit that he also didn’t copy. he even swear to the lecturer. man, what a load of crap. be a man and admit you are wrong. all my friends told me that they saw that m*****fucker copy my answers. i also noticed that he was staring at my question paper. i was so pissed that i feel like wanted to hit that m*****fucker. luckily the lecturer impression on me still haven’t change. so, the ‘kipas project’ is still on…

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up yours

sometimes you know it’s gonna be a crappy day from the moment you woke up. today is one of those days. well, i’ve been busy with assignments and projects what not. plus, i’m already late for my morning class which started an hour ago. my philosophy in attending class is simple. no matter what the time is, i must enter the class even there’s only 5 minutes left. that’s to sign the attendance. if it is below 5 minutes, i’ll never enter that class for that day. so, i arrived at the college parking lot, not knowing something has changed. i sms’ed my friend to find out if there’s an exchange of class. he said all fine and i should enter the class. well, upon entering, i was snubbed by the lecturer and laughed at by my fucking idiot classmates. it seems that the class has already ended 2 minutes ago. ugh…it is a disaster. a humiliation. i was so pissed of at my friend i just left the class and went home to cool off so i won’t hit somebody that day. a great day to start. late and being laugh at.

i’m still have this rage thing going on and it seems going from bad to worse. aromatheraphy, councelling, massages seems didn’t do shit. scolding and calling a parking cashier girl a ‘bitch’ because doing her work like a tortoise won’t do either (kesian dia). i must find someting to curb this anger thing. maybe find a girlfriend or whatever. i’ve started a new hobby yesterday and it is photography. photography can gave me relaxation and something to do besides sleeping keeping my hands occupied. idle hands are the devil’s playground. i already bought a digital camera yesterday and now started to experiment, taking photos everywhere. check out my picture gallery under the ‘photography’ section. i’m still a novice, so give me a break.

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telefon berkamera

alkisah…suatu hari, aku terasa begitu bosan lalu bermain dengan telefon berkamera. sehubungan dengan itu, aku pun lantas mengambil gambar skodeng ini. siapa terrer, sila teka gambar apakah ini…


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avril lavigne – my happy ending

yesterday, i got this e-mail

hi azfar. thanks for the asmaradana video clip although the size was small. do you have avril lavigne my happy ending video? thanks.

err…hello. this is not MTV okay? install kazaa or emule and download it there. by the way…

– – – – – –
avril lavigne – my happy ending

so much for my happy ending

let’s talk this over
it’s not like we’re dead
was it something i did?
was it something you said?
don’t leave me hanging
in a city so dead
held up so high
on such a breakable thread

you were all the things i thought i knew
and I thought we could be

you were everything, everything that i wanted
we were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
and all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
all this time you were pretending
so much for my happy ending

you’ve got your dumb friends
i know what they say
they tell you I’m difficult
but so are they
but they don’t know me
do they even know you?
all the things you hide from me
all the shit that you do

you were all the things i thought i knew
and i thought we could be


it’s nice to know that you were there
thanks for acting like you cared
and making me feel like i was the only one
it’s nice to know we had it all
thanks for watching as i fall
and letting me know we were done

[chorus x2]

so much for my happy ending
– – – – – –

see the video [here]

(c) all copyright goes to their respective owner.

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happy 2nd year

i’ve been around cyberspace since july 1997 and i started blogging on november 21st, 2002 at my temporary workplace in usm. so, i’ve been blogging for 2 years now. happy 2nd anniversary to me and my blog. hoping to blog more in the future.

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finding love. again

(a cheesy story, beware) it’s been almost 2 years now that i don’t have a serious relationship. a dry spell. i have a brief one in the two years time but it was just ‘for fun’ or time filler and nothing serious. well, quite pathetic if i want to sum it into one word. i’ve been searching though since then but oddly there were none available. mostly of course i choose becasue of lust. i remember vaguely, on my first year in univ, i’ve got this nice, beautiful girl as a girlfriend. i got a lot of reactions from my friends and people i don’t know. some were envy, some were supportive but mostly they try to ruined my relationship. it’s not a paranoid or innermonologue. i don’t know why they would do such thing to me. maybe i threaten them in some way? lastly, the relationship didn’t work and it lasts for only 1 1/2 year. well umm…i caught her cheating with other man (someone’s husband, no less) at some apartment in KL. that um…suck. probably i should’nt pick a WHORE :evil: as a girlfriend.

a couple of months after that, i found a new relationship. actually i knew this girl while i’m still in a relationship with THAT WHORE on an event. we just chat a bit and exchange numbers in case we need help or something since she was in the same faculty of mine. someday, we bumped each other, talking at a cafe and suddenly sparks bursts. well, um, i started to have feeling towards her. my social life is not a big secret back then. even she knew my past and asking what are the status of my relationship with THAT WHORE. a month after, we became an item. i have a relationship again. i was happy…but only for 1 year (shit, a curse?). during that time, something awful happened. some asshole been spying on me. a stalker. my personal life, my address, my telephone number were shared among them in some secret underground world. spooky. after a big confrontation, it went away but my second relationship has already on the rocks and to add on to it, she knew about me going out with THAT WHORE. well um…maybe i have a soft spot for a slut. ha ha.

to end all this big mess, i ended it up nicely (dump). no friends, no calls, no letters. i haven’t contact one of them since. from that time to now, i haven’t have a serious relationship. probably i developed a fobia. one day, i got a raya card from my sekolah rendah crush. she gave me her phone number. so, i reply the raya card by giving my number. she called me asking how am i doing, i called her to wish rari raya. you all know lah, the usual stuff. hoping to find a relationship again, i asked her out last friday. to catch up what we’ve been up to since. the outing was successful. she was gorgeous like the last time i saw her. we went for a movie, a dinner, a stroll in the park, etc. i started to have this butterfly in my stomach. a great feeling. a chemistry. a sparkle or whatever else. maybe this is the last chance i’ve got to start a relationship again. while driving to her house, i asked her a question so i could ‘seal the deal’. erm…for a mood killer, she answered that she already have found someone in her life. i was late for 1 month. if only i could found her earlier. after she answered that, i feel like driving into a cliff or something. it’s like a big rock has crushed me to the death. i controlled my feelings and keep it professional until she walked out of the car. after waving goodbye and confirmed she had gone into her house, i drive back to my house screaming, punching the windscreen and banging my head on the streering wheel all manly. ha ha…but i don’t cry though.

after a long staring at the sky moment, i guess it is not my time. look like i have to wait for it some more. i can get her some other way but i didn’t want to be the bad guy who ruined other people happiness. we’ve already agreed that we’re just friends. let her happy for once and maybe one day i’ll find mine…