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Year: 2005

fear factor

first thing first, beware aaa…because this post is quite full with ‘angkat bakul’ thing (yeah mel, i’ll tell the story here and i don’t care…ha ha ha).

i thought the day’ll never come. no need to struggle, no need to be scared but anywhoo it’s all in my dreams. my lecturer, well…bless her do a little twist to the lecture. for our class project, she tell us to do a debate with the group she picked. the title? (media tak terarah lebih baik daripada media terarah) unguided media (wireless) is better than guided media (wire). my group is the proposing team and the only kick is, my group mate is all girls. hmm…that makes me the pimp.


be good

the morning start with me not attending one class. it’s a 9am class and my sleep quota is not full. after class, mel asked me a favor to help him move stuff into his parents cafe. well, since i have nothing to do, i said why not. the place is at sepang. well, not sepang actually. it’s on the border but the postcode is still kajang. moving the big ass fridge is quite sucks anywhoo.

it’s raining and because we have to go to ampang, well, what the hell. we just go through the rain. brr…it’s cold. even my underwear is wet…because of rain…he he. while riding the motorbike home from the place, we saw an old couple at the highway curb. their tyre punctured. uh…being a good samaritan, we help them. after a few kilometers in front, a tiny sand get into mel’s eyes. until that time we realised that he left his glasses at the old couple’s car. lucky for him, the pakcik we help saw the glasses and bring it to us, who is waiting after the toll booth. see kids, doing a good deed really pays. if it is not instant, it will come sooner or later.

done with that, i went to uptown afterwards to celebrate shimi’s birthday. i saw some nice t-shirt there. maybe next time i’ll buy them. done with all my activties, i went home and chill while wathing a dvd. the movie title is d.e.b.s (look it up in imdb if you’re curious). i’m not a fan of the movie actually. i just see it because of a chicks in short skirt and a hot lesbian scene between jordana brewster and sara foster.


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my friend from oxford penang came to visit me today. he got some work to do here, so he crash at my place. finally we can have our wireless lan party huh? he’s here just for a short visit, so i don’t have the time to bring him jalan-jalan kuala lumpur. maybe later eh?

whee…finally i went to the fun fair. there, i changed my mind about the ferris wheel. it looks boring. so, i rode this revolving cars instead. the mall shopping complex amusement park got one of these. i love speed but when the cars stop moving forward and started to reverse, damn, it gives me headache. i haven’t eat yet, so there is no barfing action going on. those pictures are taken by my friend while i’m on the revolving cars thingy. i also got video but, nahh…nevermind.

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notice the downtime lately? that’s because of my idiot webhost. their backup proses seems like a neverending story. i already tired of e-mailing them. half of e-mail on their inbox might belong to me. anywhoo, the thing is now up and i can post something. hopefully.

dad was here on friday till sunday for business stuff. after he had finished with his work, we all went to chilis for dinner. we have to wait for 10 minutes as there are many people in the line. maybe it’s because the haze have cleared a bit and oh, it is saturday night. most of them are there for happy hour.

i ordered tomato basil chicken pasta. sounds delicious eh? the others…err i forgot what they order. but having tasted all the food, i must say they’re okay. the drinks and classic nachos are bottemless. so, we just order the refill until we’re full.

my rating? of course, it is great for family gathering dinner. it is also fun for happy hour with your friends. enjoy the food while talking with each other. probably not suitable for couples dinner date. the place is noisy. it is understandable but those jackass sitting next to our table is fucking annoying. the stupid girl laughing voice is unacceptable. very high decibel. i think all people in the restaurant agrees. they should learn how to respect other people.

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fun fair

i bought something from lelong again. this time it’s a battery charger. i started to think that i need a high-drain battery when i realize i spent a lot of money for my digital camera battery (this thing suck battery like mad). so? high powered rechargeble battery is the answer. maybe now i won’t give the same excuse of no battery when i saw something.

when i hang out with shimi last night, i get to know this man. he’s a referee for mru. the thing is, he knows too many stuff and he like to share it with us. one of those things is character reading. he read mine and well, most of it is true and he dosen’t even know me well. ha, i feel like on a session with a shrink. he tells me what are my weakness, my capability, etc. wow, it’s like someone point a flash light in front of your face. i feel awkward and different after that.

after that grilling session, we went to pesta konvo um. ah…the convocation. happy place, happy memory and happy environment. well, except the haze. i only got time to went there and eat. unfortunaltely, i have something urgent to do. i saw that, they got a ferris wheel. well, i definately will come here before this fair ends.

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bukit g

i was about to go home when din asked me and fadly to accompany him to jalan pasar. he wanted to buy spare part for his cd-rw adaptor. he confess to me that he haven’t heard of jalan pasar. it’s me who told him. so, with fadly and i tag along, we can show him the way. i got no problem with that. the only thing is that we have to go through the haze. ahh…it’s like genting highlands. when we arrived there, din started to lose his mind looking at those low price amplifier. yeah, that is the jalan pasar specialty. electronics stuff with low prices. me, i got my eye on this branded cd player for car. maybe i’ll buy it later. thinking of upgrading the car, bit by bit.

after that, just for fun, we went to this hill at melawati for sight seeing. normally, we call the hill ‘bukit g’. did we have fun? probably, with the haze and all…

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no good

aahh…tuesday morning. just got back from penang. i had a quick nap and then ready for my class. the lecturer blabbering something to the class today. i guess he just lost his temper. well, he deserved some respect. my classmates are an assholes. we’re suppose to send last week assignment today but suprise huh, i’m the only one who only send it (ahh…). i can see the frustration in his eyes, when his student dosen’t remember the formula he’s been teaching from the beginning of the class. damn, my classmates are a cock-up asshole. i especially despise this one girl. urgh…her shrill voice, ordering people around, bossy, thinking everybody likes her and of course, the classics, using the sweet voice and good looks to made other people do her job. i’m not sucked in though. man, if i brought my brand new rambo knife i bought in penang, i surely stabbed her in the chest (uhh…mad, in a kidding kind of way).

with the haze and all, i got a sore throat today. yes, fuck you very much our inconsiderate neighbour. in the morning, there is no sign of haze (but the ones coming out from vehicle exhaust). on afternoon, the haze started to kick in full effect. the visibility is limited. so, it is quite dangerous for me to go speeding at mrr2. arrived a bit late to see my lecturer to hand out the assignment. i blame it all on haze of course.

now where did i put the strepsils…

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i’m at penang right now. makan angin since i got one week mid semester holiday. actually i want to go here earlier but because of my asshole classmates, i went here a bit late, on friday to be exact. why they’re asshole? we’re (the classmates and i) suppose to do an discussion about our debate thingy and we agree to meet on friday. then suddenly, out of nowhere my asshole classmates teammates cancelled it. fuck this lah. wasted my whole damn week.

dad told me that the broadband dosen’t work. i thought it was the network card problem but actually it’s the adsl router fault. my precious rm350 (the price when i bought it) dlink adsl modem router. double whammy sucks. dlink sucks. wtf with this router. frustrated, i went with dad to penang’s pc-fair and bought a new adsl modem router. this time it’s aztech. this model is the toughest. it’s heavy duty some more. i remembered that when broadband was introduced here, i’m one of the first to get the service and my first modem is aztech.

done with the pc-fair, we went shopping (yeay!). bought shirt, pants and shoes. complete set huh. err…with dad’s money. i started raya shopping a bit earlier. yeah. okay, i’m hungry. so, later..

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