free 2gb e-mail account from microsoft

i already saw the trick for upgrading hotmail account into 25mb, but how about 2gb account from hotmail?

but the thing is, you have to register a new account with ‘’ e-mail address using msn explorer (included in windows xp). remember to use ‘united states’ as a country with the appropriate state and zip code. i don’t know if this is a fluke, an error made by microsoft staff or the reality using an e-mail address. i already test it for several days and it still says 2000mb space. you have to check your e-mail using only msn explorer though.

oh, don’t blame me if yours are not working. have fun!

3 thoughts on “free 2gb e-mail account from microsoft

  1. :shock:Really? Wah awesome! But unfortunately, I don’t use Hotmail, Yahoo! or any free webmail :roll: But that space amount is quite BIG for me (in my case), and suitable for those who likes to keep emails, and that isn’t the real me. :smile:

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