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bad blood

hey ya’ll. kinda busy nowdays. the semester is coming to an end and what does that mean? final exam. yeah, sucks huh. busy prepping myself. plus, some of my assignment has yet to be completed and the kicker is i have to submit all of them before next week. more suck. when i spent most of my time reading something, there will be no exiting thing to talk about in here. so, for an obligatory post, i just rip off someone post or grab somebody picture and post it here. yes, that is nice. luckily i managed to find some time for my 365 project. but hey, here’s something new to talk about. yea well, sometimes a guy can act like a chick. emotional, pms and full of crap. last wednesday my friend and i was teasing this other friend of mine. we were making jokes about him and the other girl he fancy in class. apparently, the girl didn’t respond to him since she already got a boyfriend. so, we were like joking with him in a mild kind of way. suddenly this friend of mine stood up and got mad at us. he muttered something and that he want to hit us but he try to refrain himself and just went away. aiseymen, come on lah. we were just making fun of you between ourselves. not in front of other people. in that case, no humiliation took place because only us knew what’s going on. if you want me to mention the past, the big ass humiliation you gave us on multimedia class some time ago is not even comparable to this. not even close. you literally humiliate us in front of everybody with your so called show. but hey, since you are our friend, we just bottle it up, swallow our pride, forgive it, laugh it off as a joke and forget about it.

i don’t really into fighting with a friend. especially if it is about a girl. very low. so what i do is, just act normal like theres nothing going on, swallow my ego and greet him the next day. it’s simple. so dude, yes you the one who i make fun last wednesday, if you’re reading this which i’m sure you do, no hard feelings ah. are you rather throw out a 2 years friendship for such a small thing? stop bickering okay. on my early yeras, i used to be like bicker a lot, protecting my ego and stuff, telling stories, not talking for days, etc. yeah, i’m that bitchy. but hey, that is the old me. the past. i’m too old for that now. life’s too short to fight among ourselves. a good friend is hard to find nowdays. mostly, people criteria for a friend is, the friend must have a fucking bunch of money so that the friend can spent it on them. huh, assholes. erm…oh crap, i’m late for my bekam treatment appointment. later…

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