nav 2005 problems

crap. that’s why people said that pirate software suck. well, not all of them. most of it serve well to people with constrain budget. the software makers should put a ‘reasonable’ price for their software so that nobody will counterfeit their software. like rm10 per software? bla…bla…ok, stop bitching. focus on the problem in hand.

i had some registration issue with my norton antivirus 2005 (ok la, i will get an original copy in the future). after looking at the symantec support service (their server was down last night. probably high load of bandwidth), they wrote that norton antivirus 2005 have a registration bug. what the bug will do is disabling the antivirus because of expired trial use and require the user to register and unlock the software once again even if you have registered and unlock it after the first time you install the software. so, if you had a similar problem whether yours is an original copy or pirate, here’s what you should do.

1. download this patch. (taken from symantec website. don’t worry, no virus laa…)

2. install the patch

3. reboot your pc

4. enter your norton antivirus 2005 registration key again

5. reboot your pc

6. done. that should be it. if the program asks for the registration key once again, enter it and reboot. it may takes one or two tries. if a problem still occurs, uninstall the program and get yourself those avg antivirus. they’re really great and free of course.

have fun!

One thought on “nav 2005 problems

  1. :neutral:Wah great totorial… Thanks ;) Anyway for the AVG antivirus… erm… I’ve tried and.. erm… no comment. All I can bout the AVG is… I don’t like the way it works. :roll: Btw, m previous Norton AV problem was because of my server-side problem. Hehe.. But everybody says that Norton is really good at all. And most of them advice me to try Kaspersky and Panda…:roll::???:

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