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Month: January 2005

morning rant

i am still awake. doing someone else assignment. need coffee. blur.

“when we first met the love of our life, the time stops and when it resumed to the normal speed, we didn’t have time to catch up.”

what a load of crap. yes?

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sarong party

hey, it’s already 2005. ya’ll having a good time last night? well, most people in kl especially the damn teenagers schoolboys and schoolgirls don’t give a rat’s ass to what the pm said. after my peace moment of new year at a special place, friend of mine badly wanted to eat and perhaps see some ‘scenery’ if you know what i mean. so i said okay and let’s go to mamak stall. while we were out driving at jelatik, the road was kinda empty. wow, i thought all these people celebrate the new year in peace and silence in the comfort of their homes. haha, i was wrong. when i entered jalan ampang, there you go. traffic jam. all the way to jalan p. ramlee. not to mention the fucking mat rempt along the way. of course, i easily got mad with this unnecassary trapped in traffic jam. we ended having supper at my favourite mamak restaurant at ampang point. a nice and quiet place. but one thing i notice that maybe will never change forever. the sarong part girls. i mean, what the fuck happen to this malaysians, especially the malay girls. maybe with ‘orang inggeris’ as their boyfriend, they think they will be popular, more hot (uwekkk!), or something. here’s an article i found at google. i fiddle with something and suddenly it appears. happy new year and enjoy…

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