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Month: February 2005


i got nothing to do today. my main plan today is either sleep all day or go watch a movie. then sister asked me if i want to go to the mph stock clearance sale at kelana jaya with her. i know actually she wanted me to drive her there but yeah, why not. i need a new book to read by the way. i buy three books there. a stephen king, john grisham and a book about leadership (ha ha ha…rotfl). well…not me actually pay for it. sister wanted to belanja. she spends almost 300 ringgit for her books. the additional bonus for being there is i also got to know one girl. he he he. how? the story was kinda like this. i was standing in front of a book shelf looking for something i like when suddenly this girl (which kinda…ok) stand beside me looking at the same shelf. i don’t mind that. probably she wanted to look for her book there. then i walk to other book shelf, looking for something else. yep, the same girl showed up and stand beside me looking at the same book shelf as mine. this happens about 3 to 4 times. i’m not going to perasan or whatever but hey, come on man. so, i started a small talk with her. added with some light flirting, nothing dangerous though. yiddi yiddi yadda…i got to know her name, phone number and house address. cool huh?

after that, i went to see a friend at this big-ass shopping mall. he wanted to buy clothes or something. here’s the fun part. we were eating at a cafeteria when this friend of mine saw a good looking girl sitting beside our table and wanted to took her photo using his brand new camera phone. apparently he forgot to turn off the phone ‘shutter’ sound and the girl heard it. the girl and her friends stared at him. blushing, my friend asked me to finished my burger faster and leave. i started to laugh that i almost chocked myself. ha ha…if the floor is not dirty, i would roll on it. laughing of course.

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wtf? a heart?

do you know david blaine? yes, the creepy street magician. besides doing magic, now he rips his heart out in front of people. wtf??? i want to puke. download the video here (2.78mb zipped file).


amd duron explode

here’s an old video i found on the net. some guys doing an experiment on overclocking amd duron 3.8ghz processor and guess what? it exploded. fun to watch.

download the video here (12.7mb zipped file).


netmyne data centre

what did i done the past few days? i’m busy doing this maintenance thingy on my secondary server. half of the contents in this website is in my seondary server and some more is in my third server located in a datacentre at jalan hang jebat (ha ha ha…). sounds geeky/dorky isn’it?

last week, my server has gone through some relocating, re-setup and upgrading process. it was one pain in the ass. some customer has started to bising and my co-owner as usual, worried. it suppose to be done last friday but apparently there are some problems and i have to wait until tuesday. i had to drive to the netmyne data centre in cyberjaya to fix the damn problem. luckily shimi was around to accompany me. the road to the datacentre is dark like a no man land and the place is damn cold. maybe the servers should be kept in a refrigerator. all is done but now i have to copy back the old files to the new space and doing some re-configuration. that’s gonna suck. i haven’t got any real sleep yet.

welcome to the netmyne data centre

this thing stores my website, mp3, videos and other stuff

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fox lover

i have to move my lazy-ass now and start design a website. i promise a friend of mine about a month ago and i didn’t even started on it yet. sori ye kawan. this time, i’ll make sure the website looks okay in mozilla firefox. firefox is the best web browser…ever. come my friends and yes, you too miki :grin: (he he he), download firefox because it is good for you.

mozilla firefox website.

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new hope

i was hanging out with some friends last saturday. suddenly that day brought me a ‘hope‘ and something to look into. an agenda if i might say. kesian che’ yeop kena jadi posto. sori bebanyak la k. he he he…

the ex sms me last night. babbling-babbling and a few sms later, invited me to an event in dsb. huh, peculiar.

i got a few comments on my posts about nora danish. some freak psycho even asked me for her house and e-mail address.

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