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fox lover

i have to move my lazy-ass now and start design a website. i promise a friend of mine about a month ago and i didn’t even started on it yet. sori ye kawan. this time, i’ll make sure the website looks okay in mozilla firefox. firefox is the best web browser…ever. come my friends and yes, you too miki :grin: (he he he), download firefox because it is good for you.

mozilla firefox website.

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  1. Miki
    Miki 22.2.2005

    Ek… don’t EMPHASIZE my name lar! Very memalukan… :oops: X mo..! I won’t try that browser! NEVER — EVER! I’ll be waiting for IE 7 to be released very soon! I’ll always stick and loyal to IE! Bye-bye Firing Fox! Haha! :lol:

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