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netmyne data centre

what did i done the past few days? i’m busy doing this maintenance thingy on my secondary server. half of the contents in this website is in my seondary server and some more is in my third server located in a datacentre at jalan hang jebat (ha ha ha…). sounds geeky/dorky isn’it?

last week, my server has gone through some relocating, re-setup and upgrading process. it was one pain in the ass. some customer has started to bising and my co-owner as usual, worried. it suppose to be done last friday but apparently there are some problems and i have to wait until tuesday. i had to drive to the netmyne data centre in cyberjaya to fix the damn problem. luckily shimi was around to accompany me. the road to the datacentre is dark like a no man land and the place is damn cold. maybe the servers should be kept in a refrigerator. all is done but now i have to copy back the old files to the new space and doing some re-configuration. that’s gonna suck. i haven’t got any real sleep yet.

welcome to the netmyne data centre

this thing stores my website, mp3, videos and other stuff

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