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Month: February 2005

camera phone sucks?

i woke up early today. that’s a shocker. anywhoo, while reading and replying my e-mails this morning, i get this news. it seems that paris hilton phone and notebook has been hacked and the content of her stuff has been uploaded into the web. there are a load of photos :


her entire address book and daily notes as well. there are address and numbers for christina aguilera, lindsay lohan, ashlee simpson, vin diesel, usher and many more. the notes also a bit funny. check it out fast before it all goes offline. here’s more news regarding this.

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oy, garbage new single is out. the title is why do you love me. i’ve listened the song and it was okay. their new album, bleed like me will be in stores april 11, 2005. i’m sure you geniuses out there already downloaded the song.

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cikgu bergaduh

what in the world has happened here? teacher cat fight? oh, i would love to see that. damn lucky kids…

from : berita harian online –
date : sunday – february 20, 2005

Dua guru wanita bertumbuk ketika perhimpunan pelajar

KUALA LUMPUR: Dua guru wanita Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Setia dekat sini dilaporkan bergaduh di hadapan kira-kira 800 pelajar dalam satu perhimpunan mingguan sekolah, Rabu lalu.

Kedua-dua guru berusia 30-an itu dikatakan bertumbuk dan saling bertarik rambut.


dirt art

click for bigger picture

that is a window dirt art. click the image for the big-ass resolution. i found it while walking to my car. did you notice what is says? he he…

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ashlee busted

this is an old news. ashlee simpson (20) and ryan cabrera (22) was caught by ashlee’s dad, joe simpson while they were ‘fooling around’ in her sister (jessica simpson) tour bus. more news here.

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weird sms

hey ya’ll. i was just hangin out with my posse when suddenly i got this sms :

rin jangan buat abang macam ni abang minta maaf banyak2 ngan awak abg tk sanggup berpisah ngan awak rin tolong angkat pon abg merayu dengan awak tolonglah kalau awak syg kat abg tolong angkat pon abg syg kat awak please

wow, peculiar. this dude was messed up or fucked up to be precise. clearly he has sent the sms to the wrong number. if the sms is for me (hey, i’m straight ok? haha), my name dosen’t have ‘rin’ in it. maybe it is one of my friends, selecting the wrong number or some random person typing the wrong digits. i mean hey, this guy. really wanted her girlfriend back huh?

but do you think the sms is touching, quite sad, or pathetic? care to comment?


bomb teacher

cnn reports that a high school chemistry teacher has been arrested because he taught his students how to make a bomb. more news here.

wow, i would like to have a teacher like this.

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it’s over!
what? my exams lah. waa…finally. my stress and headache is coming to and end. i also don’t have to stay up late everyday. but just for now. i had to meet them again next semester. okay, now i have to do my other works. thank you and have a nice day.

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sitting in the dark

candle light

the tnb’s keramat sub station

yes. blackout. a major one. tnb fucked up again i guess. then these guys bising-bising want to raise the electric tariff. if you guys watch the news, maybe you’ll notice a transformer sub station house at keramat blew up and took out almost the whole keramat area. i was chatting with some friend on ym when this happens. about 10pm, the lights in my house start to flicker. i thought it was nothing. then suddenly, puff. it was all dark. i heard a loud explosion at the back of my house. it happens about 5 to 10 times. out of curiosity, i wandered outsite. there were many people from my neighbourhood already out in the streets. waiting, talking and apparently pissed. i asked one of them and they said the sub station blew up. there were smoke everywhere. tnb personnel and the bomba arrived about 20 minutes later. i think this blackout is gonna last about a day or two since they have to find a brand new transformer as the old one blew up. depends whether tnb is fast enough in doing their job. mom and sister can’t stand the darkness and heat and went to our relative house.

damn this. i have final exam tomorrow. my last paper. i don’t need this. luckily my friends were at home, so i went to his house to study…and yes, i managed to find some time to write this entry…he he he…

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