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hot dog

this is an old news. heard that factory that make sausages with pig entrails? apparently the factory make sausages for various company. somebody even said they also made sausages for ikea. shit. i knew someone who loves eating hot dog at ikea before this thing happened. i was hoping that the news is not true. but if that is, what should we do? samak our stomach? or maybe take a class action suit, sue them or something…ho ho ho…


  1. Miki
    Miki 25.3.2005

    Haish.. dah terlalu susah nak percaya.. people loves to make such hoax.. and some of them make such story just to get more attraction. and 95% of the stories i heard i dont believe it.. at all.. ntah la.. duni dah tunggang terbalik… :lol:

  2. simbion
    simbion 27.3.2005

    tak perlu samak organ dalaman. hanya luaran sahaja. tangan dan kalau was-was lagi samak mulut skali luaran shj. semua telah terkandung dlm tatacara Islam tak perlu menyusahkan diri nk samak organ dalaman. Baik bt sekarang kalau was2 bimbang amalan ibadah kiter x di kire hanya sia2 shj. Selainnyer urusan ALLAH S.W.T. Lepas ni kiter wajib lebih berhati2 dlm bab makanan yg dimakan.

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