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Month: May 2005

tak mengapa

wokeh, aku nak post dalam bahasa melayu pulak kali ni. sesiapa yang tak reti bahasa melayu tuh, nasib arr. sekarang neh aku angkut notebook aku merata-rata. iyelah, baru-baru neh aku hantar repair sampai rm300 harga dia ditambah pulak dengan add-ons ram 256mb, fuhh…kopak aku. apa yang aku buat angkut kesana-sini? well, memandangkan aku ada account utopia wireless dengan tmnet hotspot, aku pi merata-rata tempat ler main internet tanpa wayar. ceh, berlagak sungguh aku neh. semalam baru je balik dari kedai repair tu, ada sedikit tak puas hati dengan workmanship dia. hal yang berkaitan pasal kipas. sori aah mi, aku angkut kau kesana-sini hanya untuk kipas aku tuh, ahe he he. btw, semalam tuh aku dah tolong kau setelkan meeting lecturer kau tuh, buat bebetul arr. jangan la kau kantoikan diri sendiri plak nanti.

tatkala aku menaip neh, aku ada kat penang. aku nak pergi kedah tengahari esok, ada hal sikit nak setelkan. kalau sesape nak beli tembakau, kontek le aku. he he he. neh aku baru sampai 5:30 tadi. tak penat, tapi pening kepala. aku memula ingat nak tido dalam bas tadi, tapi ada sedikit gangguan daripada pihak hadapan, memang tak ble bla. sungguh kuat sehingga mengganggu minda aku. huhuh. okeh, aku nak tido.

oh ye kawan-kawan sekelas aku. cik farah sekarang dah main friendster, siap buat blog lagi. habis la kita semua…kah kah kah…

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what did i do today? erm…my friend was here for the hksbp (hari kecemerlangan sekolah berasrama penuh) or i like to call it ppm (piala perdana menteri) at sekolah alam shah. he asists some of the participant from my old high school (sekolah dato’ abdul razak). i went to putrajaya to pick him up and we chill and drive around kuala lumpur. i, as usual really want to avoid using the sultan ismail road but today i have to make an exception. uh, nevermind that though. boleh cuci mata.

» what men do when they are alone.

» for those who drink alcohol.

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finally, my notebook is in my hands. it spends 3 days in shop because of some hardware failure :cry:. now we’ll see how efficient this shop or as usual, they might get the kick in the nuts or foot jammed up their arse. i also add a 256mb ram to this thing. windows xp start a bit faster now :grin:

uh, my “thoughtful” sister bought this starbucks bread-egg-with-mayonaise thing for me last night. it was…ok. starbucks isn’t my thing anyways.

» star wars episode 0.

» toilet paper roll memory stick.

» gps panties.

» phone thong.

» frog with built in webserver.

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mynic 2nd

mynic (the administrator of .my domain) e-mailed me about the voting and possibility of opening second level .my domain for registration. while it is fun having a third level domain (, when i look back, having domain will be so cool. so, if mynic is opening .my for registration, maybe i’ll purchase it and dumped my old domains ( & one domain is easy to control.

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i’m going to start my ‘project negara’ today. i’ll post pictures here on every trip. oh by the way, i got some comment at the previous post. there are 3 stupid comments, different messages and name which all of them from the same ip. maybe still from primary school. oh, those fucking idiots. first time using the internet? go home and learn from you mom bitch.

» a story without using the letter ‘e’.

» any more of this, the internet will be shut down.

» dog shit id.

» yes.

» how to not get your ass kicked by the police.

» just…watch this.

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fuck bcb

tadi aku ada hal sikit kat bumiputra commerce. penat aku tak habis lagi daripada tunggu 3 jam, semuanya pasal bank bcb yang bodo ni. nak cerita panjang aku malas, jadi aku ringkaskan jadi beberapa ayat.

bumiputra commerce : penipu, pemalas, bodoh, tak efisien, tak mesra

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no go

no post last night. why? i’m kinda busy repairing computers. my cousin pc is infected with spyware. so, as a good family member, i fix his pc. i usually take 4 to 5 hours to repair one pc depending on the backup size and the internet connection speed. well, you know, the updates, downloads and stuff. i’m unable to go online either because my notebook heatsink fan is making some weird noises. i had to go to this dodgy looking shop (it is the only one shop that repairs notebook) to buy a spare part that costs rm80. wtf? that price for just a small fan. those fucking rippers. i’m tired arguing with them. let’s see if the fan they replaced is any good or they will get some kick in the nuts or foot jammed up their arse.

» sith sense.

» how to make a jedi robe.

» boogie bra.

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disable splash on outlook express

i like outlook express. it’s easy and light. i’ve been using this about two years now. yeah maybe someday i’ll switch to thunderbird but unlikely, no. i use outlook express for sending and receiving e-mails and have all of my e-mails stored in my notebook. it’ll be a bitch if i lost the files. apart from its greatness, there’s something that annoy me in outlook express. the splash screen. i don’t like it. they suck. so, how to remove them?

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before this, i don’t know shit about photography. then it absorb into me, slowly. maybe it is because my dad loves photography, so it started to build up on me. most of the skills, i learned from a book and the internet. finding the angle and something to shoot is another thing. you have to be creative and not afraid to experiment something new. today, i feel a little bored, so i went around shah alam and kuala lumpur to find something interesting to shoot. and yes, i find a few. some people look at me with the camera and all and think i am weird or something. but ahh…screw them. my equipment is nikon f75 slr camera, ricoh caplio r330 and a tripod. shooting the full moon is quite a bitch though. no preview because the camera uses film. i’ll put the pictures here after i process the film. ok, later…

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i use maxis. the postpaid, not prepaid. they give good service and awesome support and cool features. anyway, do you happen to see the hotlink aktifkan dirimu ad on tv? like the theme song? want it?

song download disabled

both song performed by: siti nurhaliza, vince, reshmonu & zahid.


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taken at mas af satay shop on my vacation at sabah.

those who have astro dtu systems might already know this. yes, that reality shit show akademi fantasia has already begun. they have started doing promo and other stuff. i’m not really keen on reality show especially this akademi whatever. some of my friends even call it akademi fucktasia (which is wrong but ahh…screw it, it sounds hillarious). most of my family unit love this show. the sisters, cousins, etc. so, i have to bear with it although i feel sick and nauseous with those who on that show. if you happen to see the pictures of the af contestant, most of them look like jackass and assholes. i really hope that mr. anti af will start his ranting and not abandon his blog.

oh, there’s one thing. i feel like dining out today, so i went to my usual place. there are many people there which most of the cutomers are mat rempit and there are some scooters. maybe they are watching the fa cup final match, manchester united versus arsenal. oh, am i wrong. they are actually watching akademi fantasia live show. i must say, it is…


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