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taken at mas af satay shop on my vacation at sabah.

those who have astro dtu systems might already know this. yes, that reality shit show akademi fantasia has already begun. they have started doing promo and other stuff. i’m not really keen on reality show especially this akademi whatever. some of my friends even call it akademi fucktasia (which is wrong but ahh…screw it, it sounds hillarious). most of my family unit love this show. the sisters, cousins, etc. so, i have to bear with it although i feel sick and nauseous with those who on that show. if you happen to see the pictures of the af contestant, most of them look like jackass and assholes. i really hope that mr. anti af will start his ranting and not abandon his blog.

oh, there’s one thing. i feel like dining out today, so i went to my usual place. there are many people there which most of the cutomers are mat rempit and there are some scooters. maybe they are watching the fa cup final match, manchester united versus arsenal. oh, am i wrong. they are actually watching akademi fantasia live show. i must say, it is…


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