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emule configuration

i’ve been using emule for a while now. most of my friends prefer bittorent but not me. maybe not now. or someday. emule is far more better than kazaa or kazaa lite. plus, i’ve been using emule because this comedy/drama series download website requires their user to use this software.

what’s so special about emule? well, most of their server is still online, the files i downloaded here are authentic (none of those bogus mp3 file crap) and fast. i was baffled last night when my internet connection suddenly die and then resume working. mirc started to give “ping timeout” messages. my wan ip is still the same, which means that i’m still connected to the network. at first, i thought theres something wrong with my cable. broken, loose or bitten by a rat.

then i remember the day when my friend want to use his spyware infested computer on my home network. the whole network shut down/halt because the spyware in my friend computer was jamming up the network sending enourmous data to the modem. so, in this case, i try to shut down emule. yes, my network working as usual. that is after i curse and swear at tm net a bit. what’s wrong? emule is jamming up the network by sending and receiving data too much (ha ha ha) and there’s something about nat configuration on my router.

a bit reading at emule website and tweaking my emule, my network is running fine now. so, if you use emule, have a router / complicated network configuration and have this kind of problem, check out this page. good luck.

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