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hi. i’m in the mood of writing a tutorial. this time it is about referrer spam. i use awstats to manage my website statistic, bandwidth, ip log and of course the referrer. referer helps me see anybody who’s linking me in their website so maybe and probably i’ll link them back. all was okay but now suddenly i got spammed in my referrer list. wtf? those spammer motherfuckers.

most of them are about those “casino” stuff and yes, “jeslina hashim”. at first, they are small in quantity and harmless. but then, they suddenly grow and started to annoy me. i tried this code and put them in my .htaccess, hoping that they all go away.

deny from 127.0.
deny from 69.160.
deny from 69.175.
deny from 68.224.
deny from 68.227.
deny from

i tried to ban their website url and ip adress. i check back my referrer, still no luck. those code are for people who are using that ip address to view my website. i use google, and i found this code.

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer “.*(tits|badwordshere).*” BadReferrer
order deny,allow
deny from env=BadReferrer

hey, it works. so, anybody who seach for “tits” at google or somewhere and my website comes out, they will be served with a 403 error page if they click my website link. this is fun. i have put quite a long list there, just to keep this buggers away. one thing i noticed that, most of the website and ip visiting originate from australia. i wonder if these people are the real spammers. maybe i should ban .au adresses and ip. but then, it is unfair for other people there.

those who want to try this out, make sure you know what is a .htaccess. use google if necessary. it would be great if you have an access to your website ssh or you can just create a text file, put all those code in it, upload to your server and rename it to .htaccess. any problems, e-mail me. good luck.

references :

» referrer spam redux at kuro5hin.

» apache htaccess tutorial.

» referrer span control by laura lemay.

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