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hi ya’ll. shockingly, i have some free time. so, i decided to clean the codes and touch up my website. i already upgrade to the latest version of wordpress. it’s so easy. especially the theme selection. anyway, if you notice (duhh…), i have a new menu on the right – – – ->

it is called ‘Fav. Feeds’. it is where i feed all my favourite rss from other websites that i read daily. check it out ya’ll. if you have a rss syndication on your website, a nice content / news and would like to be featured at my favourite feeds or if you know someone who has, send the link at ed[at] for review.

by the way, bluehyppo have an exclusive ntv 7 streaming tv at their website. i rip them off and put the codes here. ha ha ha. check it out before they turn off the service.

ok, i got to jet. somebody wants to buy me a pizza. later…

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