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Month: June 2005

open war

ahh…the campus is now open. well, huh, it’s open about a week ago actually. i registered late. have to answer some question from the lecturer though. while looking at my surrounding, i realize that there are many new student, fresh faces. most of them well, err…kinda hot okay looking. the funny part is some of the freshies wear make up to class. i don’t mind if it just a light touch up on the face but too many make up? don’t know how to use a powder probably. they look like a clown. these kids need a kick in the arse to realize that this is a campus not a disco. there is a career day today, so the class after 10am are cancelled. i registered myself at the jobstreet booth. ha ha…

after i have done with my work, i’m tempted to watch the movie ‘war of the worlds’. the anticipation suddenly build up. so, we went for the 7pm show. the movie hall is packed with people. luckily, we got nice seat. okay, for those who haven’t watch this movie yet, this is a spoiler. personally, i think the movie special effects are awesome. they concentrate on the design and stuff but the story line, well, a bit suck. i guess it is not a typical alien movie but revolves around a father (ray ferrier played by tom cruise), took care of his family, solving problems and running away from the aliens. tim robbins only had a small role in this film and too bad that his character is killed by tom cruise. hillarious though. the suckiness comes alive at the end of the movie. while running their devious scheme to rule the earth, the aliens suddenly rot and die because of some virus / microorganism at earth which human is immune to. they didn’t elaborate on why the aliens suck human blood and spray it and other stuff. uhh…the feeling is like watching the movie ‘cat woman’ again…

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i was bored last night. actually, i want to go to the nec support centre at menara ta one but didn’t have the time. so, i went to airport. my sister wants to go to jakarta. well, it’s good for her taking a vacation. she just have to make sure buy me a present. after that, the family and i went to the curve and ikano power centre.

i haven’t been here a long time. everything pretty much look the same…maybe. i got for myself something at the ikea and a new carpet for dad. they didn’t have sweedish meat balls here at this ikea, so i go for the curry puff. tasted great. no mood for hot dogs that day. ha ha…

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streamyx 4mb

itu hari, tmnet ada kontek aku pasal nak buat upgrading line kat area rumah aku neh. tak kisah lah, janji buat cepat. bila aku tengok router aku, agak terkejut :eek:. download rate aku 4mb dan upload rate aku 864kbps. tinggi tuh. agaknya tmnet lupa nak cap balik line aku neh. kalau permanent camni cun gak. tolong la jangan kantoi yek…he he he… :!:

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click for hi-res

went to batu ferringi just now. jalan-jalan and looking for some souvenir for myself and some gift for my friends. i bought the frog (picture) which makes a sound like a frog when we stroke the wood at the frog’s back. there are other cool things there but maybe next time. then i bought some dvd. the price for one is only rm4, so i went crazy. there are many boxed set dvd collection like the 24, the office, smallville, friends (eww), etc. i felt like want to buy them all but i have to pace myself. he he. maybe next time, save some money dude. tomorrow i’ll be going to kuala lumpur. yep, i’ve been here (penang) for one week (just one week). i’ll be in kl for some business and things to take care of. want to meet? :shock: so, um…later…

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» stuff on my cat.

» kitten cannon. mine’s uh…nevermind…

» monitor superglued to a wall.

» geek bling.

» dictionary.

» great video and animation.

» big is out. apparently…


formula what?

when i see the live formula 1 at 8tv today, i somewhat dissapointed. 7 out of 10 teams who are using michelin tyres decided not to race on sunday at the indianapolis motor speedway. the team that runs today are ferrari, jordan and minardi who are using the bridgestone tyres. on race day, they run around the track for warmup and then retire to the pit lane. it’s sad for those who pay for the ticket. they pay a lot of money and came from great length. it’s like no point watching. from what i heard and read from website (to sum up) that it is dangerous to use michelin tyres on the track (indianapolis) and demand a chicane to be built (to slow cars down). anywhoo, it is wise not to race than risk an accident or penalty but it is not fair for the fans, millions across the globe and especially the one who are at the track. this is the crappest race ever. now, people are trying to blame each other. whose fault is this anyway actually?

» michelin tells teams not to race. [via cnn]

» nine teams demand indy chicane. [via]

» 14 cars boycott grand prix. [via yahoo]

» six cars start us grand prix. [via reuters]


putera umno

aku tak layan bab-bab politik kat sini. aku tak reti cakap pasal politik, jadi aku malas nak bincang pasal tu. lagipun, politik tu kotor?. dari layan politik, baik layan porn. ha ha ha. tapi harini, meh kita sentuh sikit. sikit je la. pernah dengar putera umno? hari ni baru launch kat melaka. dah join ke? anyway, dulu-dulu aku pernah la dengar yang pelajar-pelajar tak kira sekolah rendah ke, ipta/ipts ke tak boleh join-join politik nih. especially time krisis tahun 1999 dulu tuh. join parti pembangkang, habis semua kena tahan dengan pihak berkuasa. tahun ni tetiba pulak keluar putera umno. double standard ke? he he he…

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pernah dengar inokom? sekarang dah ada dua model. inokom atos dengan inokom matrix. bukannye apa, cuma aku agak keliru sikit dengan logo inokom ni. apa pandangan korang terhadap logo tu? kalau faham maksud aku, bagus le :evil: he he he…

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saturday. a nice day to go out. the sun’s okay. wait, it’s blazing hot actually. the air cond goes to the max. went to pasar lorong kulit to buy some apples.

i got my eye on a t-shirt there but maybe next time. next stop, campbell street for some original nasi kandar…yeahh. dad’s having mee sup to cut from cholestrol food. me? i choose anything that i think i could eat. no prawns though. the price sometimes unreasonable.

mydin store is nearby. so, i went there to buy a buckload of battery for my camera. the price there is quite okay. i haven’t seen grandcell battery since i was in form 5 and i thought it was discontinued. it seems i’m wrong because they still sell those things here. maybe i’ll buy them…someday.

that’s all i think. went back home and go to the pasar malam to buy dinner. then, relax at home and watch some tv. tomorrow’s a different day.

» shampoo (nsfw).

» bumperball.

» pit stop game. mine’s 10.753.

» watched star wars yet? this pirate version is hillarious.

» the anti panda site. he he he…i hate panda…

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fantastic four opens in usa on july 8th 2005. the movie is coming to malaysia on july 14th. if i want to watch it on opening day (july 8th), i probably had to go to usa. hmm…i live my life today as usual. wasting time and watching what not. anywhoo, i have to buy something at a supermarket at 9pm. as i wander around looking for stuff to buy, i noticed something. why on earth some people think that it is okay to wear pajamas to a supermarket. this is a big ass market. not a kedai runcit. baju tidur? baju kelawar? night gown (wtf?)? come on lah. think. fashion sense. maybe these people don’t know that some pajamas are see through. if the angle is right, you can see something :evil:. luckily my camera is out of battery. (yes, i am a pervert)

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tetiba pulak aku rasa bosan duk depan monitor ni. jadi aku pergi tengok vcd. tengah aku belek-belek collection, aku nampak ni.

huih, puteri gunung ledang. boleh tahan gak pak lanun kita neh mencetak rompak. bagus-bagus. tapi bila aku pandang balik cover vcd tu, aku nampak ni.

ha ha ha…long live pak lanun vcd.