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Month: July 2005

fill it up

sepuluh sen? wtf is this? this is the third time now. the petrol rise 10 cents more yesterday. this sucks. now, rm10 of petrol didn’t bring much difference. i remember that went to shah alam and back to my house with just a rm10 worth of petrol. ah, heck. even rm20 meant nothing now. ahh…the old days. the one thing that i didn’t like about the petrol price hike is, the government is not very telus. they rise the petrol price and the only info that everybody got is just the news ticker on the bottom of the tv screen. why not alert people one day earlier or make a public service announcement or something. with the majority of malaysian people glued themselves in front of astro’s akademi fantasia, nobody will know the hike until they read the tomorrow news paper. i knew the info about 11:30pm. lucky me that petrol stations in brickfields is not too crowded. some friends tell me they had to line up to fill the petrol like buying the star wars movie ticket. probably one thing about the hike is, i’m sure malaysians didn’t give a damn about it. there’s still traffic jam when i went to putrajaya today though.

my main plan last night is to do ‘something-something’ fun but, i changed my mind and follow my friends to uptown. probably i haven’t been here long. the placed has transformed into a pasar malam. people everywhere (mostly malay, of course :wink:). the primary objective me being there is to eat and for side activity, looking at some chicks (not a chicken) trying to score one. ha ha ha…

when hanging out at alamanda (putrajaya) today, i feel a bit hungry. when i see the western food stall at the food court, i ordered the chicken chop. eww…it looks pale, taste like plastic and feel like plastic. menyesal aku order bende tu.

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word out

well, i guess the word is out. no secrets. most of my classmastes already know my website. some of them already read the entire site. this sucks. but who am i to blame. this is the internet anyway. so, probably i can’t write those stories or make fun of my classmates anymore eh? nahh…i’ll write more and more offending stories. i’ll make fun of all my classmates. them visiting the website and reading my stories gives me err…some inspiration. if they feel sad or hurt, what can i do. stop writing? hell no. in the end, theres only this. “if they can’t take a joke, fuck them”. he he…so read my classmates. read ’em all. leave a comment if you like.

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windows update

update your windows lately? i’ve forgotton to do mine because i turned off the windows xp auto update feature as part of my scheme to speed up my notebook (probably i’ll tell this later). when i went to windows update website, they asked me to install some activex program that check if my copy of windows is pirate or not. well…that um…suck. i’m not in the mood to reinstall windows with the original copy. the one that i have is the earliest version of windows xp. i have to update with the sp1, sp2, etc. that’ll take 2 days to download and update. so, pirate version is the answer. they already have the sp2 bundled in. no hassle. he he he…

oh, back to the story. where is it…oh, they suck. so, i browse around and found this. when you go to the windows update website, you’ll see the ‘express’ or ‘custom’ button. before pushing any of those, copy this text, paste to the address bar and hit enter.


it’ll turned off the key check. happy updating!

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i think i’m sick since i’ve been sleeping all day. when i put my head on a pillow, i’ll start to sleep. i don’t know why. probably have something to do with those pills i swallow. anywhoo, i got another mid term paper today. i think i aced it. well…i think. have to wait a couple of days to see the outcome.

since salahuddin showed me the auction site,, i started to get addicted to it. ya i know the site been online for about some years now. i’m a bit slow in this buy and sell business. went there to see things i want to buy, make an auction of the things i want to sell, etc. i think it is great. safely to say it is greater than i just make my first purchase from the website today. thanks to salahuddin for the tips! probably there’s more in the future. what i buy? a sony grip earphone. i don’t know what is the market price for those things but i pay rm11 for it. don’t know if i got duped though…

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go go go

sorry if you can’t access this site at 2am till 9am. my webhost admin told me that the mysql server is down because of some error and they’re doing some maintenance. well, that um…totally suck. where is the 24 hours monitoring eh? anywhoo, i got a mid-term yesterday. i do okay. went to the library afterwards to do my assignment and go online with my tmnet hotspot. the library computer is too crappy. oh, besides that, i also looking around for some attractive junior to chat with at the library. err…just for fun. i can’t just sit there and do my assignment, it’s boring. i had to add some entertainment. he he he…it’s inevitable.

friend of mine asked me if i can repair a pc motherboard. i told him that i knew someone who can. [promote] anybody out there who have a faulty pc or monitor, just e-mail me your details (phone number, address, etc.) and i’ll send the guy who can fix it. with reasonable price too. [/promote] i was suppose to send the thing to my friend last night, but as usual, i forgot. i’ll do it today. what i do last night? uhh…just hanging out with my um buddies. changing jokes, stories and what not. it lasts till 3:30am because i wait until the rain stops.

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ungu violet

citer ni tak kuar lagi kat malaysia nih, tapi sebab aku ada ‘ter’kenal sesetengah orang kat indonesia, dapat la tahu info pasal cerita nih. so macam biasa lah, aku nak spoilkan korang yang belum dan nak tengok :evil: siapa sini pernah tengok video clip jepun yang cameraman jatuh cinta kat sorang pompuan masa dia tengah ambik gambar. pastu nanti pompuan tu buta sebab terkena film fixer chemical cameraman tu. kalau tak silap aku nama video clip tu ‘because i’m a girl’ oleh kiss. citer ungu violet ni lebih kurang cam video clip jepun tu la. last sekali nanti karektor dian sastro buta pastu ada orang derma mata. amacam, best? nak pergi tengok? he he he…jangan marah ye… (kalau nak curi link download ni, make sure kasi kredit. jangan main ambik aje).

» download lagu tema ungu violet di sini.

» download video clip kiss – because i’m a girl di sini.


cleaning spyware

ยป 1:23/21.07.05
[Din] azfar.. my com kena spyware.. plz put some info to clean dis thing up.. thanx soo much!!

usually, when i got messages like this or something like this, i would like to say “go and use the google”. it’s easier, for me. no searching or doing research. but, since i am light hearted today, i’ll write something about removing spyware. first of all, how in the earth your computer got infected with spyware? no antivirus? browse porn site too much? well, if your computer have no antivitus, go and get one. norton antivirus (don’t use 2005, it consumes too many computer resources) and pc-cillin is a good choice. they have this malicious script protector. if you’re thinking more of a free software or an open software, theres panda antivirus, avg antivirus and clamwin antivirus. done with the antiviruses, if you’re watching too much porn, when you click on the link, be careful. some of the link may prompt you to install some activex application. don’t do that. don’t ever trust a porn website. they’re telling you they got this nice picture but actually, they sucks. you should find an underground porn site. they have way nice picture than the mainstream. if you can’t avoid porn whatsoever, i recommend you to use mozilla firefox when you want to surf porn. ha ha ha…

okay, now to the removing part. i advice you to get this three software. microsoft antispyware, spybot s&d and hijackthis. if you’re using microsoft antispyware, you just install it and scan your computer using the software. it’ll clean you pc automaticly and start everytime you use your computer to protect you in the future. if you’re using spybot s&d, after installing it, click program updates at the software. then, scan your pc using the software. for hijackthis, it is a standalone program. run it and choose scan. e-mail me (saiful[at] the results (you can make a log file) and i’ll assist you on what to remove and how to remove.

how’s that? is it good? i hope so lah. but, if that’s not enough, there will always this method of cleaning virus and spyware from your computer. have fun and good luck.



nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu sekejap. alkisah, tadi aku tengah tunggu kelas aku pukul 2:30pm kat rumah. tnb ntah buat apa, warning tak, apa pun tak tiba-tiba black outkan area taman rumah aku dari pagi tadi. dah le aku tengah taip assignment masa black out tu. kalau selalu camni, jahanam aaa pc aku bodo. sebab panas takde kipas, aku pun baring-baring la kejap. bila aku bangun aje dah pukul 5:30pm. aduh, terlepas kelas aku hari ni. ada tutorial pulak tu. jadi, aku salahkan tnb sebab aku terskip class hari ni. demit youse tnb!…ha ha ha :w

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» howto remove virus & spyware.

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on the island

well, nobody have to guess what i do last night. movie night of course. title? the island. a month ago, i watch the trailer for this movie and i thought, yeah, this looks like another action packed movie by michael bay. weird that he is not with his usual conterpart (that is jerry bruckheimer). branch out maybe. plus the movie got scarlett johansson (ahh…yummy) and ewan mcgregor (this dude is awesome). i was hoping to see any “bits” of johansson though but of course, the sensorship board might will take that joy from me. while i think this is just like any other action movie, boy was i wrong. okay, to ruin the suprise, here goes the plot. the year is on 2000 something where people cruise around on concept car that we see today (most of them are chevrolet) and use the latest gadget by cisco, microsoft, puma, samsung, etc. (ahh…product placement in movies are fun).

on a some secret bunker, there is a place/institute where human being are cloned or grown to be more exact (the matrix?). the purpose of the clones are for replacement parts or surrogical mother for their original host. for example, if the host have a liver disease, he/she can pay money to the institute to have them cloned and take the new liver from the clone after some years. all looks fine but some of the clones have defects, that is having the human nature to think and learn. at the institute, the clones are make belive that they are some survivors from the contamination or stuff like that. the island is some sort of lottery reward for the clones where they could move to a beautiful island and live a new life. that is bollocks. when a client demand a replacement parts from their clones, the clones are make belive that they are the chosen one as a lottery winner but actually their body will be hacked and parts like liver or heart is taken from the clone. so, when a clone escapes from the institute to go find their host, all hell broke loose. expect lots of explosion after that. woohoo…

i arrived late at the theater thinking i already miss some 10 minutes of the movie but they start it 15 minutes late. well, thats lucky. anywhoo, at the beginning of the movie, they put this disclaimer that this movie might be disturbing and not suitable for some people. i laughed with shimi thinking that is some funny sentences. but after viewing half of the movie, yes i agree. this movie is disturbing. but, don’t be afraid. just watch it and have fun!

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