i think i’m sick since i’ve been sleeping all day. when i put my head on a pillow, i’ll start to sleep. i don’t know why. probably have something to do with those pills i swallow. anywhoo, i got another mid term paper today. i think i aced it. well…i think. have to wait a couple of days to see the outcome.

since salahuddin showed me the auction site,, i started to get addicted to it. ya i know the site been online for about some years now. i’m a bit slow in this buy and sell business. went there to see things i want to buy, make an auction of the things i want to sell, etc. i think it is great. safely to say it is greater than i just make my first purchase from the website today. thanks to salahuddin for the tips! probably there’s more in the future. what i buy? a sony grip earphone. i don’t know what is the market price for those things but i pay rm11 for it. don’t know if i got duped though…

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