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sorry if you can’t access this site at 2am till 9am. my webhost admin told me that the mysql server is down because of some error and they’re doing some maintenance. well, that um…totally suck. where is the 24 hours monitoring eh? anywhoo, i got a mid-term yesterday. i do okay. went to the library afterwards to do my assignment and go online with my tmnet hotspot. the library computer is too crappy. oh, besides that, i also looking around for some attractive junior to chat with at the library. err…just for fun. i can’t just sit there and do my assignment, it’s boring. i had to add some entertainment. he he he…it’s inevitable.

friend of mine asked me if i can repair a pc motherboard. i told him that i knew someone who can. [promote] anybody out there who have a faulty pc or monitor, just e-mail me your details (phone number, address, etc.) and i’ll send the guy who can fix it. with reasonable price too. [/promote] i was suppose to send the thing to my friend last night, but as usual, i forgot. i’ll do it today. what i do last night? uhh…just hanging out with my um buddies. changing jokes, stories and what not. it lasts till 3:30am because i wait until the rain stops.

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