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Month: April 2006

aqua therapy

because of the free time, i’ve got myself a new hobby. that is, gardening. that subject actually have a big scope. mine is mainly plant and took care of it and garden decor such as small waterfall, a miniature pond, things like that. the plant i grew mostly kiambang (wtf is this when translated to english?) and waterlilies.

currently, i’m thinking of building a walk path with stones on it. like those therapy stones thingy and probably a miniature waterfall with a koi pond. sounds grand. it’s a hard work. last week, i got myself some koi fish. four of them. apparently one died today which i don’t know what is the cause. well, nevermind. i’ll get some more later.

oh little johnny. why’d you die? why?

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mario forever

oh, i still remember those 8-bit days. nintendo entertainment system (nes), atari, etc. games like duck shooting, motocross, goonies, pac man and of course, the super mario. i still have those nes catridges. i might sell them on ebay or just keep it for history sake. anywhoo, i really like those mario games. from version 1 to 3. mario, luigi, princess, dragon, etc. eventhough the market is now full with ps2 or xbox, i’m thinking of getting one of those 8-bit systems just for archiving purposes. probably sungei wang got those things.

while wasting my time surfing the internet, hoping to stumble upon free porn or mp3, i found this super mario game that is free to download. don’t want to turn down free offer, i download and installed it. after playing it for about an hour, i must say, the developers have done a good job recreating the world. although not the same as the original, it’s still fun nonetheless.

edit: somebody been asking me for the mario file. naturally i will tell them to go to hell but i’m a changed man (for this week). so here you are.

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i was called to organized my room. tidy up. yeah, probably the piling of papers, books and clothes has finally made my mind realized this is kinda like a pig sty. while picking up things to throw out, i found my old, old, very old autograph book. i thought that thing is missing. there are many memorable entry in there. some were okay, some were poyo, etc. yeah, memories. the design is a bit girly because it is a replacement book. mine was actually nicer but a friend has lost the book. so, she replaced it with a new one. enough with that book and everything else, i shoved it at a box and stored it away. now my room looks better and smells nicer.

then i went to see the movie ultraviolet. some people say it is a great movie this and all. so, i pay rm9 for this. i can’t deny it. the special effects is fuckin’ awesome but the story line…uhh…what kind of story line is that. probably i didn’t understand the comic book well. humans fighting the hemophage? virus? blood? they’re like the vampires and i thought the vampire is immortal. the movie blade rings a bell. it’s true like the character violet say. i was born into a world you can’t understand.

if i knew, i should bought the movie tickets for the sentinel. i’ll probably happy watching eva longoria.

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20 things

20 things to tell a geek in the bedroom

“Can I put some thermal grease on your CPU?�

“As long as I can put the heat sink on.�

“Ping me baby!�

“You can insert your floppy into my drive anytime.�

“Give me more of that bandwith!�

“Want to see my optical drives?�

“Take my Hard Drive for a spin.�

“You put LEDs in my fans!

“It’s time for a reboot, baby!�

“Can I add my OS to your partition?�

“I can gobble up anyone’s system resources!�

“Juice up my lithium battery.�

“I’ll make your PSU smoke!�

“Do you know where my hotspot is?

“No dial-up tonight! We’re moving on to broadband!�

“Can I see your boot disk?�

“My CPU is smokin’ hot!�

“Pop that RAM in my slot!�

“I can compile anything you throw at me!�

“You make my fans roar!�

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bored. so i asked a friend out for a drink. apparently she choose to drink at nz. actually, i really didn’t prefer that place nowdays. sure before this i went there to hang out. i just went there sometimes. the place didn’t have the ‘flavour’ anymore or ‘vibe’ or whatever.

anywhoo, on my way back from kelana jaya today, i almost hit a racoon with my car. i don’t know if i’m drunk or something but i’m sure or at least i think it is a racoon. in a city nonetheless. the thing just stared at me and not moving. lucky i was not speeding or there’ll be a roadkill and a bloody mess on the tyre, paint job, windsheild, etc…

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