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i was called to organized my room. tidy up. yeah, probably the piling of papers, books and clothes has finally made my mind realized this is kinda like a pig sty. while picking up things to throw out, i found my old, old, very old autograph book. i thought that thing is missing. there are many memorable entry in there. some were okay, some were poyo, etc. yeah, memories. the design is a bit girly because it is a replacement book. mine was actually nicer but a friend has lost the book. so, she replaced it with a new one. enough with that book and everything else, i shoved it at a box and stored it away. now my room looks better and smells nicer.

then i went to see the movie ultraviolet. some people say it is a great movie this and all. so, i pay rm9 for this. i can’t deny it. the special effects is fuckin’ awesome but the story line…uhh…what kind of story line is that. probably i didn’t understand the comic book well. humans fighting the hemophage? virus? blood? they’re like the vampires and i thought the vampire is immortal. the movie blade rings a bell. it’s true like the character violet say. i was born into a world you can’t understand.

if i knew, i should bought the movie tickets for the sentinel. i’ll probably happy watching eva longoria.

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