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notice – may 8, 2006

as many of you didn’t know, my website is offline for four days. this is caused by a hardware error at the webhosting company i rent. of course, i was filled with rage. wtf kind of service is this. after they back-up my files, i thought i was saved. but no. their sql database is also corrupted which means, my whole writing life was destroyed. all my 3 years of blogging is now gone. instead of the current data, they gave me the ones which is 4 months old. sucks.

they tell me that the hardware error causing a data corruption. then, they throw more reasons such as the backup hard disk is mirroring the current corrupted files (wtf? mirror? don’t they ever heard of full backup?), database turned into numbered files, etc. they obviously didn’t learn since they had two hard disk crashes in less than one year (they’re using a dell server, mind you).

i think i have a backup database on my notebook but unfortunately for me, it’s from the year 2005, which you can see the post below this (some of the posts have been recovered). lucky i saved all my template files and whatnot. my loss is on the sql database and one or two files which i can’t remember what. bored with all this stuff, i asked them to reset my account and gave me a new and clean one. rebuild a new setting might cheer me up.

the moral is: choose a very good hosting company and always back up your files and database. ;)


  1. coco
    coco 9.5.2006

    who hosts ur website? (so that I dont apply for their services :P)

  2. wani ezryl *
    wani ezryl * 9.5.2006

    no nuthin abt hosting or back-up :razz: , but im glad u’r back. :clap:

  3. bogus
    bogus 9.5.2006

    nasib baik aku pakai server ko…hehehe

  4. Patrick
    Patrick 9.5.2006

    You suffer the same fate with me. But I consider lucky cos got backup my files.

  5. deyna
    deyna 10.5.2006

    alaaa uncle. kire ilang laa sume entry2 uncle. sedihnyee sob sob

  6. azfar
    azfar 10.5.2006

    ape buleh buat…dah nasib badan :xknow:
    nevermind if part of the history is already erased. i still remember some of it. if not, i’ll find a new one :!:

  7. boss
    boss 11.5.2006

    huhuhu..tu laa..tak nak backup kat server jalan hang tuah ni…tengok bogusnya kat sini selamat…

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