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idiot fest

i actually don’t know what it’s all about but i was forced to went to this thing. in short, they called this event a day where the seniors can meet the juniors and vice versa. not forgetting the mentors and there are also some snacks.

i was thinking. this is a waste of time. but no, i have to attend it because ‘the general’ has ordered. the event was poorly organized, stupid mc, stupid activities, cramped room, too many people in small places, stampede, suck choice on the food, etc.

like i said before. an idiot fest. anywhoo, at least i get to eat a whole ice cream.

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  1. wani ezryl *
    wani ezryl * 6.7.2006

    u dun hv pics of idiot fest? i wanna see how an idiot fest looks like.. ekeke :P

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