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plane on the highway, man

i think it was about 3 am. i heading home from klang doing some works and watching the football with friends. the road was mysteriously empty. no traffic from both of the way. i’m driving happily on the federal highway, obeying the speed limit when suddenly i felt a vibration on the car. wtf? an earthquake? that’s when i saw a damn learjet flew right above my car. i think it’s a class 40 learjet (crap, i do want one of those planes) with the flaps up and gear down ready to landing.

i panicked. all sorts of scenario playing in my brain. maybe i’ll crash into that plane or maybe i manage to stop at the side of the road. well i indeed stop my car at the side. when the plane already landed and stop, i come out from the car and start swearing. “what the hell is wrong with you people. this is the fucking highway not a damn airport. i could crash onto your plane”. the ‘hand gestures’ also played well with the swearing.

when the first person who came out from the plane which i sweared at first started to point his gun at me. i stop talking. thinking of my next move, that’s when i woke up from my sleep and realized, “oh, that was a dream”. it’s already 6 am.

he he he he…. :thelol:

be happy, don’t take this joke seriously. after all, this is a blog. anywhoo, on the other side, an 18 wheeler almost crushed me to death in my car on a highway last night. this is a true story by the way. the truck was speeding (130++km/h) on the fast lane and suddenly there is a road works ahead. he just swerved to my lane. lucky for my reflexes or i’ll be blogging in casts.


  1. i2
    i2 22.6.2006


  2. wani ezryl *
    wani ezryl * 22.6.2006

    wohh thnx God u’r safe.

    abt d dream.. haha i noe ur real life-car driving will not b tha exciting :D

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