update the yahoo

i didn’t know that yahoo already updated their messenger client to 7.5 and i’m still using the 7.0. uh, probably because i didn’t use much of it lately, except when i want to annoy people with the various audibles (sorry la nurul). nowdays i use gaim or the super light centericq. they’re much lighter and easier than ym. plus, they accept multiple client login. anywhoo, didn’t want to be left behind, i download the installer for ym 7.5.

the problem is, yahoo only provide a web installer at their messenger website. i must say, the web installer sucks. mine stopped and hanged at 68% twice. time is precious. fed up with it, i searched for ym offline installer at google. i found it and download the program from there. nice, nice.

the difference between the 7.0 anf 7.5 is the advertisement at the main window. the banner is kinda annoying. so again, i use the google and found this website that gave instructions on how to remove the banner. it requires you to play with the registry. so, be careful and enjoy.

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